Cast-On for Winter

The Gate Pullover by Margaux Hufnagle
The Friday Slippers by Kristen TenDyke

A note from Kathleen: Fall is well and truly here in Spokane, with its beautiful crisp mornings and lovely sunny days. I'm already deep into cool-weather knitting, too. I have a sweater on the needles and a hat and some socks ready to be cast on.

Winter is in the wings, and with it knitwear coming forth from the closet. The winter issue of Knitscene is out and it's full of projects to keep your needles clicking inside when it's cold outside. Here's Editor Lisa Shroyer to tell you more.

The Lucy Hat by Carina Spencer
The Sheila Cardigan by Ashley Rao

Winter is Coming

I just finished knitting a slouchy cabled hat. It's navy blue. I finished it, wove in the ends, and hung it on a peg by the front door. I'm looking at it hang there now, and I think about winter coming. It's too warm just yet for a wool hat—but I know the time is close.

I think about this past year and all the changes I've seen personally, all the changes we've been seeing in the world, and specifically in the knitting world. New designers have emerged. New yarns have been launched, new publications. New controversies have ignited the forums—Olympics, anyone?

And for Knitscene, we've put out five issues, the most ever. It's been a good year for this little magazine. This issue serves as a nice cap to the year. You'll find beautiful designs, intriguing articles, and, I'm happy to announce, a new columnist—Cirilia Rose—for the Stylespotting department.

As the cables wind down into the brim, so the days of 2012 wind down into their last cold, dark, mysterious hours.

I hope you'll be able to fill those hours with crafting, good people, and inspiration. And I hope this collection serves you in those endeavors.

 Order Winter 2012 Knitscene today, or download the digital version!


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