Cabling Without a Needle, the Sequel

Kathleen knitting as fast as she can! I'm working on my Knit-a-Long, the Central Park Hoodie, and even though I'm behind my own schedule (!), I'm making fast progress now that I can devote more hours to this project.

The Central Park Hoodie is actually a really quick project, for several reasons: the gauge is a generous 4.25 stitches per inch, the pieces have minimal shaping, and the cable pattern makes me want to keep going ("just one more cable repeat. . ."). I've been working on a couple of other projects for Knitting Daily, though, and my CPH got neglected for a couple of weeks.

I do have the back and one-and-a-half fronts done now, and I'm going to do the two sleeves at once. I usually don't like to do that because I make a mess of the two strands of yarn—I fail at the walking and chewing gum test—but I want to get this sweater done so I can wear it!

I've been using Interweave's cabling without a needle directions (click here for the tutorial I posted on Knitting Daily), but I recently discovered another method, one where you knit the stitches on the needles as you twist them. Our original instructions have you twist the stitches on the needle first and then knit them. This second method is faster, I think, and I need all the speed I can get in order to keep up with my knit-a-long pals!

I made a video of the technique and here it is! I demonstrate a left-crossing cable first, and then a right-crossing cable.

A Free Pattern for You!

Here's a cable pattern for you to try this method with: the Peasant Blouse by Teva Durham. Teva appeared on Knitting Daily TV on season 2 and talked about her theories for designing unique and fashionable knitwear.

There are a couple of different cables in this design, placed off-center to add even more interest and flair. I love peasant blouses in general, but they're usually designed for summer wear; this version of the blouse is appropriate for fall and wintertime, too. I love the cables, of course, but I also admire the neckline, with its eyelets and ribbon tie.

Teva is such an innovative designer; I think you'll really like this project.

And if you need more cabling inspiration, check out our Knitting Daily Workshop Classic to Creative Knit Cables with Kathy Zimmerman. Kathy provides basic instruction, tips, tricks, and excellent patterns in this special tutorial.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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