Bumbling around with bobbles

I love the look of bobbles, but I didn't used to be able to stand knitting them. All that turning back and forth, working five stitches into one, It just seems like a pain. 

The thing about knitting is that some things are a pain, but they're usually worth it (just another instance of knitting imitating life, right?). This goes for bobbles; sometimes you just have to have a bobble!

One of my favorite knit combos is bobbles + cables. I've been looking at a scarf pattern for awhile now, not starting it because I wasn't in a bobble mood. I was recently reviewing  Eunny Jang's DVD Workshop Getting Started Knitting: Basics and Beyond, and lo and behold, there was a segment on making bobbles! 

Not only does Eunny show a neat way to do a yarn-over variation to make more stitches for a bobble, she shows how to KNIT BACKWARDS so you don't have to turn your work ad nauseum when making bobbles. As always, Eunny knows of what she speaks.

You must learn this technique right now, so here's the video:

Kathleen's bobble and cable scarf swatch

I've started a practice swatch for a cable-bobble scarf (at right). I'm getting better at the bobbles, and I'm actually enjoying working them. Eunny's bobble tips are really worth using.

I think the top right bobble is the best one. I'm going to keep swatching until I get several perfect bobbles in a row. And I'm not sure if I like this scarf pattern. I think I'll do away with the knit stitch up the middle and add some bobbles in that space, mirroring the bobbles on the outsides of the cables. What do you think?

I really love the knitting backwards technique; you should practice it a bunch, because I can promise you that it'll come in handy. Like when you're knitting a 5-stitch button band or a purse strap or a shoulder strap.

I've already used it in a Christening dress I'm working on. The top of the dress is a knit and purl lattice pattern, and on the wrong side it's hard to see where to knit and where to purl. It's easy to see the pattern develop on the right side, so I've been using the reverse knitting technique. Try it!

Every time I watch this DVD workshop, I have an a-ha moment. Order your copy of Getting started Knitting: Basics and Beyond and get ready to "a-ha" with Eunny.


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