The Super Scarf: Bulky Yarn, Knitting, and You

Get five free super scarf patterns and break out the bulky yarn!All the fashion forecasters say that scarves are a great look for fall in 2016. Designers love all kinds of scarves, from skinny, dangly ones to gigantic ones nearly as big as blankets. Knitters and crocheters understand this love very well: many of us choose a scarf as our first project. We learn a lot along the way, but if you make the same mistake I did and selecta finer yarn, that first scarf can take forever. I’m here to tell you, there’s a better way. Pick a bulky yarn, and even a super scarf will fly off your hook or needles.

We’ve got five free patterns to get you—or a new knitter/crocheter—started!

Katharine Knitted Super Scarf, designed by Hannah Baker

Katharine Knitted Super Scarf knits up quick in bulky yarn or worsted yarn

Two strands of worsted weight yarn held together give this scarf a marled look.

Hannah says: The Katharine Scarf was inspired by my new love of marled yarns and projects. Originally, all three colors were meant to be held together throughout the entire scarf, but I needed to find a way to stretch out just a few balls of this worsted yarn and still end up with “super scarf” dimensions. The solution was to create stripes: hold just two strands together at one time and use very large (size 35!) needles. I like the way the stripes turned out—they add interest to the scarf. It took less than an hour to knit each stripe, so the total knitting time was between four and five hours.

Download the Katharine Knitted Super Scarf!

Audrey Knitted Super Scarf, designed by Laura Hulslander

Free Pattern: The Audrey Knitted Super Scarf in super bulky yarn

Giant cables really pop in a super bulky yarn.

Laura says: The Audrey Knitted Super Scarf is a fantastic beginner project, especially if you’ve never done cables before. Worked in super bulky Knit Picks Tuff Puff yarn on size 17 needles, it’s both easy to make and easy on your pocketbook! It’s a classic yet trendy look with a garter stitch border and wide center cable. Knit it up in just a weekend; pair it with a cute cardigan and boots, and you’re ready to sip cocoa and stroll through apple orchards in style.

Download the Audrey Knitted Super Scarf!

Bette Knitted Super Scarf, designed by Joni Coniglio

Free Pattern: Bette Knitted Super Scarf in super bulky yarn

A super bulky yarn in classic navy makes the ultimate fall accessory.

Joni says: Once you learn the knit stitch, you can make endless rows of garter stitch. And even a beginner can handle the simple lace pattern in this scarf—the purl stitch, the yarn over, and a double decrease are the only other skills you need. With a super bulky yarn and big needles, you’ll finish your cuddly, elegant scarf in no time!

Download the Bette Knitted Super Scarf!

Meryl Tunisian Crochet Super Scarf, designed by Susanna Tobias

Free Pattern: Meryl's Tunisian Scarf knits up so fast with bulky yarn!

Try some Tunisian crochet! The scarf works up fast in bulky yarn.

Susanna says: Meryl was inspired by thick yarns, big hooks, and the desire to create a scarf that was quick and easy to stitch. The Tunisian technique made this scarf perfect for a movie weekend on the couch. The stitch and color repetition allowed me to focus on two things at once. All in all, this project was great for honing my Tunisian skills and catching up on my movies.

Download Meryl Tunisian Crochet Super Scarf!

Ingrid Crocheted Super Scarf, designed by Sara Dudek

Ingrid Super Scarf crocheted with bulky yarnSara says: I loved making this super scarf! I picked Red Heart Chunky Soft as my yarn because it was bulky (so it would work up quickly), soft (so it would be wonderful to wear), and affordable (because I needed a lot of it).  I love the puff stitch and this is the perfect scarf to get lots of practice in. I easily made this during a weekend of crochet and Netflix. Can’t wait to wrap up in this for my next weekend of stitching. Bring on the fall weather!

Download the Ingrid Crocheted Super Scarf!












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