Give a BYOK (Build Your Own Kit) to the Knitters in Your Life!

Consider a BYOK (build your own kit) approach to gift-giving this year. Get started creating a personalized knitting kit from scratch by choosing a pattern book or magazine. Round up some supplies, and toss in a few special extras. A BYOK will wow giftees, whether they’re experienced knitters or folks who want to learn.

1. Start with a great pattern book, or magazine.

Knitting books and magazines are the gifts that keep on giving! Choose a pattern source to match the giftee’s skill level and style. Beginners will appreciate easy accessories knit in bulky yarns, as these projects don’t take much time and they’re right on trend. The new special release magazine Quick + Easy Knits is full of fun and easy knits perfect for first-timers.

build your own kit

Intermediate knitters may enjoy a range of patterns, from accessories to sweaters. In that case, consider giving Plum Dandi Knits, a beautiful new book by Melissa Schaschwary and Alicia Plummer. Their designs pair simple, elegant silhouettes with luxury yarns.

build your own kit

Knit Mitts
 is another resource that offers a wealth of technical knowledge and a collection of patterns that knitters can customize with colorwork, lace, or cables.

build your own kit

2. Visit an LYS for supplies.

If you’re BYOKing (that’s a word now) for someone who is new to knitting, they could use some basic supplies such as scissors, tape measure, tapestry needle, and stitch markers, all packed into a cute project bag. Seasoned knitters often form opinions about their preferred equipment very quickly, so you can always play it safe and give a gift card instead. People can be even more selective about yarn and colors; again, gift cards can save the day. If you find gift cards impersonal, sweeten things by offering to visit the LYS with your friend; it’s a great opportunity for some together time. If you live far away from the giftee, don’t despair—Ravelry has an awesome little feature that will help you find yarn stores based on zip code. Any LYS with a website is likely to sell gift cards.

3. Finish off with some extras!

Last, toss in what I like to call the “swag.” Add a knitter’s stemless wine glass for oenophiles. Encourage a beginner with a cute knitter’s T-shirt. Or throw in a magazine subscription to feed that knitting addiction all year long.

Wrap all the goodies in some cute packaging, and consider this a gift-giving win!

Happy BYOKing,

Who will your BYOK be for this year?
Check out these great kit pieces for inspiration!

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