A Day in the Life of the Buena Vista Stole

Today I finished my major summer knitting project: the Buena Vista Stole. This epic wrap has been my constant companion all summer long, through road trips, meetings in chilly conference rooms, and patio knitting. It has endured being sworn at, sat on, and shoved in a project bag much too small for it, and now, at long last, it’s ready for a hard life of being my favorite all-season accessory.

Today was my first day wearing this gorgeous stole, and it’s going to take some serious self-control to not wear it again tomorrow . . . and the next day . . . and the day after that . . . and forever and always. As soon as I wrapped the blocked fabric around my shoulders for the first time, I never wanted to take it off.

Here are the things that make this shawl special in a wardrobe already full of hand-knitted scarves, shawls, and wraps!

Just look at how the Buena Vista Stole wafts on the breeze! This stole has it all: lightweight feel, next-to-skin touchability, and a dramatic look. Photo by Harper Point Photography.

1. Incredible Drape

Post-blocking, the fabric of the Buena Vista stole takes on an unreal drape. It’s light, soft, and flowing, making it incredibly easy to style and wear a variety of ways. Whether worn wide or with the fabric gathered around your neck or in a shawl pin, it never becomes too bulky. And those pictures in Interweave Knits Summer 2018 where the shawl is blowing beautifully in the breeze? Yeah, that’s real life, baby. This shawl floats!

I’m now the #1 fan of Manos del Uruguay Milo! Just look at that color variation! That slubbiness! That linen-y shine!

2. Ultimate All-Season Yarn

Manos del Uruguay Milo is an incredible yarn, for this project in particular. I had never worked with Milo before, and now I’m obsessed.
While I was knitting, I savored the smooth yet slubby feel on my hands, the gorgeous color variation, and the speed with which the DK weight yarn worked up. Now that it’s finished, I’m astonished by the incredible richness of the yarn and the way the lace opened up after blocking. It also feels incredibly sturdy, a nice change from my other large shawls, which are mostly knit in laceweight. I’m not worried about stabbing a shawl pin into this bad boy!

However, that sturdiness doesn’t translate into oppressive warmth. This stole was the perfect layer over a tank top in my chilly office—I was warm but not overheating all day. When I stepped outside for lunch, the stole impressed me yet again with its surprising lightness.

This could be you, swishing the end of your stole over your shoulder as you accept yet another compliment on your Buena Vista Stole. Photo by Harper Point Photography.

3. So Many Compliments!

My family, friends, and coworkers have seen me working on this stole for the last six weeks, so by the time I actually finished it, I assumed they would be kind of “over it.” But that wasn’t the case, and I happily basked in a tide of compliments all day.

This yarn is so eye-catching, the geometric lace so pleasing, and the overall size so striking, that people can’t help but notice the Buena Vista Stole. And when you’re browsing your closet for a fabulous accessory around which to build a stunning outfit, the Buena Vista Stole will catch your eye again and again.

Start your own Buena Vista Stole today so it’s ready to pair with all your fall outfits! It’s a big project, but not an especially difficult one; you’ll be addicted and underway before you know it.

Yours in Stitches,

Start Your New Favorite Stole Today!

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