#totalknitshow: BTS Interweave Knits Fall 2017

Photo shoots are the best part of editing Interweave Knits. There are many factors that play into a successful photo shoot: exhaustive planning, a trustworthy and talented crew, a relentlessly amiable and witty photographer, collaboration and mutual respect within the team, and most of all, shenanigans.

The last part cannot be stressed enough. Once all the crucial pieces are in place, the friendship and the unexpected moments are what make photo shoots a shenanigans-fueled #totalknitshow.

Terrarium-head Josh “Jasper” Daniel (photographer’s assistant).

Short stack, Nate Rega (photographer), and Marcell Tyler (model).

Emily Adrian (model). The real Emily.

I’ve never been on a photo shoot where something has not gone wrong—it’s inevitable when there are so many moving parts, and it’s always the thing we didn’t anticipate. A horse eats a car, horses escape and run down a county highway, a cowboy appears just in time to wrangle the horses back onto the property; a baby cow gets loose and runs through your set; the ’64 Chevy Bel Air you borrowed has bald tires, but instead of the vintage car’s tires popping your 2015 Jeep craps out and gets towed in the middle of the shoot. Luckily, I have detailed documentation of the latter; it’s so nice to have a professional photographer around in times of distress to capture those precious moments.

Sad-face Meggo, and broken-down Jeep in the background.


Bekah captured my mood well, but she was most likely hangry.

There are so many hilarious and beautiful behind-the-scenes moments we’ve captured either in photos or videos. These moments help make Knits, Knits. The joy and camaraderie of the people behind and in front of the camera is conveyed in our final product. We love creating our magazine, and we think it’s about time you get a peek behind the scenes.

Beautiful Janie (hair and makeup artist), riding in the Bel Air.

Voyeurs from the left: Tina Gill (wardrobe stylist), Janie Rocek (hair and makeup artist), me (editor, Interweave Knits), and Bekah Thrasher (art director).

Cut to Interweave Knits Fall 2017 photo shoot, held in June 2017. The Tarentinoesque vision I had in mind—complete with dirt roads, a desolate landscape, a lone diner, and rundown motel—remained elusive until a few days before the shoot. A colleague and fellow shenanigans instigator sent me a link to Johnson’s Corner, an historic truck stop and diner just a few miles down from Fort Collins. Besides making a wickedly good and epic-sized cinnamon bun, Johnson’s Corner has a nifty convenience store, and a diner complete with red booths. There also just happens to be a questionable rundown motel right next door. Perfection.

Josh “Jasper” Daniel (photographer’s assistant), Jayme Cramer (model), and the ’64 Chevy “Goldmobile” Bel Air. Please ignore the signs on the motel behind them. I tried.

Josh “Jasper” Daniel (photographer’s assistant) lounging on creepy carousel at rundown motel.

Terrifying clown face on creepy carousel at rundown motel.

After the car breakdown, the disquieting motel (that our photographer Nate fell in love with), runaway cows, disgusting truck stop candy (again, something Nate loves. He has interesting taste.), greasy diner food, and too many plate-sized cinnamon buns, we created something beautiful together, and it’s certainly a day we won’t forget.

Jayme Cramer (model). Don’t make me do it.

Jayme Cramer (model). Taffy shouldn’t taste like peanut butter.

Kensington Tillo and Jayme Cramer (models) get chauffeured around in the Bel Air. Meanwhile, my Jeep…

Tina singing beautifully while Janie accompanies skillfully on the cigar box banjo. Be thankful there is no video for this.

Johnson’s Corner. A truly magical place.

Do you want to see more behind the scenes? Let me know!

Meghan Babin, Editor

(All photos for Interweave Knits by Harper Point Photography)

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