I am OBSESSED with this garter-stitch shawl!

The Brunch Shawl published in knitscene Winter 2019 quickly became one of the favorite patterns in this issue. It’s no wonder why! It’s a versatile garment that you can pair with so many different styles; it’s smooshy and mostly garter stitch, with simple cables along one side; and the pattern calls for an amazingly soft, organic wool yarn.

brunch shawl

The Brunch Shawl by Melanie Rice, knit with Jagger Spun Green Line yarn.

I have been hankering to knit a wide garter-stitch project for a while, so I decided to get this Jagger Spun Green Line yarn in the color of my choice to knit a Brunch Shawl for myself. I love that the project is just one solid color, so I was able to choose something that would go with all the outfits in my wardrobe: black. Okay, it’s not all-the-way jet black; upon a closer look, the Fudge colorway is a very dark brown with a grayish tint to it. I’m so excited about it!

brunch shawl

Jagger Spun The Green Line in Fudge. Photo by Hannah Baker.

The Green Line is a sport-weight, 100% organic wool yarn. It’s available in stores in New England, but if you don’t live in the area, you can now order their yarns online! The pattern calls for just three 100-gram skeins of this yarn—making the cost of this project very reasonable considering the high-quality materials and how long this shawl will last.

brunch shawl

Once I got this scrumptious yarn in my hands—and took plenty of beauty shots of it—I wound it up into cakes and casted on this shawl right away. The pattern starts out with two cast-on stitches and utilizes a set-up chart to get the beginning of the garter-and-cable pattern going. You can see the start of my shawl project below.

brunch shawl

Hannah’s Brunch Shawl. Photo by Hannah Baker.

After the set-up chart, the pattern calls for a repeat cable pattern alongside a sea of garter-stitch rows. This is the perfect pattern for listening to a podcast or watching a show! Especially as you keep knitting, because the cable repeat becomes a part of your muscle memory. As the shawl continues, it’s going to keep growing horizontally and each row will be longer than the one before it. More garter stitch for me!

I’ll check back in and share photos of my final shawl soon! If you are in need of a new project for the new year, check out this pattern and the others from knitscene Winter 2019!

Happy shawl knitting,

Main photo: The Brunch Shawl by Melanie Rice from knitscene Winter 2019. Project photos by Caleb Dane Young.

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