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Bristol Ivy has said of her own knitwear design work, “One of the things I love about designing my own garments is the ability to integrate shaping within a stitch pattern or to make one pattern flow into another. I love those little couture moments in knitting, where a lace pattern flows directly from the ribbing, or the decreases at the crown of a hat flow seamlessly from the cables in the body. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring this synchronicity in terms of increases and decreases in my design work.”

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Bristol for our Designer Q&A blog, and I wanted to share some extra tidbits—her hobbies outside of designing and what her workflow looks like!

bristol's knitwear

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Q: What are your hobbies outside of knitting?

A: I picked up sewing in the last couple of years and took a class on drafting to my own measurements, so that was super cool. I also do a lot of baking and cooking, because they’re a great creative outlet. It’s a place where I don’t have to write down what I do. Even if I knit a hat that I have no intention of publishing, I will still think about how to knit it to make the pattern easier to write and I have to stop myself and say, “No, just let it go!” But with cooking I can be free to not measure and it’s fine. So that’s really comforting to me. I also run and hike—my boyfriend is a big outdoorsy person so he goes biking, I go running, and we go hiking together.

Q: What does your design timeline look like?

A: I try to allot at least a month and a half for the whole process—swatching, writing patterns, doing the math, trying it out, fixing the errors, and then moving on to finishing, blocking, and checking gauge. So I aim for a month and a half, which obviously doesn’t always happen, but that’s what I try for.

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Bristol Ivy is a knitting designer and teacher from Portland, Maine. Her work focuses on the intersection of classic tailoring and innovative technique, and has been published by Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People, Quince & Co., PomPom Quarterly, Interweave Knits, amirisu, and others. Her classes focus on creativity, technique, and understanding the nuts and bolts of knitting.

You can find more about her designs and upcoming courses at or check out her Ravelry page.

Her designs can also be found in Wool Studio 2016: A Winter Pattern Collection and knit.wear Fall/Winter 2016.

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