Is Brioche Knitting in Your Skills Toolbox?

If you’re familiar with designer Faina Goberstein, you already know that she LOVES texture. Faina has a passion for combining 3-dimensional stitch patterns with gorgeous plush yarns for her irresistible garments and accessories. For this reason, it’s no wonder she loves brioche. Brioche knitting provides a toolbox of techniques to create her comfortable, sophisticated designs. Now she’s sharing her brioche toolbox with you in a new course.

brioche knitting

Brioche produces a lofty, sumptuous fabric that is also completely reversible—perfect for projects where you’re likely to see both sides of the fabric, such as a scarf or a shawl. Brioche accessories can keep you cozy on the coldest winter days: the fabric’s construction and texture traps warm air inside.

Faina loves teaching first-time brioche knitters as well as advanced folks. In her new course, Basic Brioche & Beyond she starts off with the very basics. You’ll learn stitches for one-color and two-color brioche and what these stitches look like on a chart. You’ll quickly catch on to the repetitive rhythm of the stitches and move on to impressive projects knitted in the round with two colors of yarn. Watch Faina knit the brioche stitches in both English and Continental style, and you’re covered, whether you’re more comfortable holding the yarn in your left or right hand.

brioche knitting

Once you’re familiar with how the basic stitches work, you’ll move into shaping brioche fabric with increases and decreases. Shaping in brioche is a little different than in a standard stockinette fabric but still easily doable. Faina works slowly and clearly so you can see exactly how each stitch is formed. Then you can start to knit garments and shaped accessories such as hats. You’ll also be on your way to knitting popular leaf motif patterns with incredible color and depth.

With Faina’s help, you will learn brioche with ease!

Knitting brioche feels like magic. As you incorporate sets of yarnovers and slip stitches into the fabric, something completely new emerges, such as a squishy warm cowl, hat, or sweater with plenty of bouncy stretch and visual interest. For a two-color project, try using colors that starkly contrast or pair a vibrant gradient yarn with a neutral. Anything is possible! No wonder brioche projects have been popping up everywhere—the technique is intriguing yet easy to learn and the results are stunning.

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