Bohemian Annie

Annie Hartman Bakken wears a couple of hats at Interweave.

Posing with my 8 year old Great Dane/Lab mutt Edith (Edie) as she proudly models a vest I made for her. Interweave Knits Weekend 2009.

Her official title is Interweave Knits, Knitscene and Interweave Crochet marketing manager and KDTV associate producer.

Let’s begin meeting Annie with her personal side. She is loved and enjoyed by many here at Interweave. Maybe you will see why…

I grew up in North Dakota and Michigan, which probably contributes to my obsession with hockey. No joke, I watch hockey every day, whether for 5 minutes while I’m making dinner or for hours on end. I call the North Dakota Fighting Sioux and Detroit Red Wings “my teams” as if I’m on the bench.

My Great Dane/lab mix dog Edie is my best friend.

I got my BFA at the University of Michigan and moved to Denver right after graduation for Publishing School at DU: that is when I first heard of Interweave. The combination of the creative with the right-brained world of publishing is what attracted me to Interweave, and I’ve been here ever since.

I did a lot of odd jobs through high school and college before I came to Interweave: ballet instructor, data entry, waitress, coffee barista. One summer I put together surgical kits at a hospital.

I dance hip hop every morning, after a pot of coffee for breakfast.

I absolutely love my job! I don’t think most people can say that so I consider myself very lucky.

Annie has a strong professional side tackling a fast paced, high stress job. Here is our Q & A:

  • What are your responsibilities?
I like to weave so made my entire family herringbone scarves last Christmas with my Cricket Rigid Heddle loom.

Too many to list! I’ve been with Interweave now for 7+ years. Both the industry and Interweave have changed so much over that time. I don’t think my role as marketing manager would translate to another company, as I do a bit of editorial, a bit of product development, and a whole lotta marketin’—retail, consumer, and even some social media. The marketers at Interweave have developed “best marketing practices” that are continuously changing based on what’s out there. All in all, I make sure you know about products and can buy them, whether you’re a retail store or a consumer.

My role on Knitting Daily TV mostly involves editing the show, building the website, and maintaining the blog-and a little bit of content management, editorial direction for what is seen on film. Filming Knitting Daily TV twice a year is fast and furious work, but one of the most enjoyable for me. The cast and crew has become quite a tight-knit group, and we have a lot of fun spending time and working together at the show. I think we’ve also improved over time, and now the show is just outstanding. Click here to read what Annie tells us about behind the scenes at KDTV (a Cowboy cookie recipe is included!).

  • How does what you do benefit our readers?

Everything I do is for the reader! I don’t have a job if I can’t successfully tell the readers what’s out there, and why they’ll love it. And, hopefully they will! Editorial makes my job easy with good products. I’m excited about the 2011 summer issue of Interweave Knits, especially for the neutral textures and simplicity this issue offers.

  • What sparks your interest in the new Summer issue?

The Nantucket Vest by Shelley Gerber is on my to-knit list this summer, as I think it’d dress up a white tank and jeans really well for an afternoon out with my girlfriends.  I love knitted vests and this one is feminine with its lace construction, but also has the boho factor that I adore. In general, I love all bohemian chic fashions that Interweave Knits has showcased over the years.

Also a must-knit for me is Kathy Zimmerman’s Lace and Cable Scarflette. That fringe… it’s beautiful! I love, love, love scarf knitting patterns and knitting cables so I would want this scarflette in every color, but think I’d knit it up in a rusty orange to wear with khaki cargo pants first. Can’t wait!

Nantucket Vest by Shelley Gerber  Lace and Cable Scarflette
by Kathy Zimmerman

Thank you, Annie for sharing yourself and describing a little about your position at Interweave!

Next time I will introduce you to the lovely and talented Kit Kinseth, Interweave designer.

Till then, take care.

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