Blossom Street Yarn Giveaway! Plus, More from Debbie Macomber

We always have such great knitting guests and designers on Knitting Daily TV, and as you know Series 600 was no exception. Debbie Macomber, a bestselling author and knitter, sat down with Shay Pendray on location to talk about her journey in knitting–an inspiring story! She also talks about The Blossom Street Yarn Collection, a collection of 7 new yarns inspired by her Blossom Street Books (distributed by Universal Yarn).

Watch Debbie Macomber's video:

Here's Debbie to share even more with you about herself and her love of yarn and one of the Blossom Street Yarns available that stole her heart!  

I need a 12 Step group because I'm an admitted yarn-a-holic.  I love yarn and yarn stores love me.  I buy yarn.  In fact I buy lots and lots of yarn.  I collect yarn.  An entire room in my house is stuffed full of yarn.  I can't help myself.  I'm absolutely nuts about yarn.  I'm not picky either.  I'm willing to knit with just about anything.  Give me soy, give me corn silk, give me possum, give me linen.  I'll buy and stash it all . . . but best of all give me cotton.  Yes cotton, especially a cotton blend and I'm in heaven.  My wonderful friends at Universal Yarn learned of my obsession with cotton and have created Morning Glory, a new cotton blend in colors that set my heart racing, with patterns to encourage and inspire (see image on the right).  Oh yes, I'm in heaven and you will be too once you knit with this incredible new yarn.

You could win Blossom Street Yarn!
Universal Yarn has graciously donated two prize packs of various Blossom Street Yarns and pattern books for three lucky knitters. (Wow!) You could own a prize pack of Gerbera Solids (a worsted weight wool) or Rosebud (a DK weight fine merino wool) yarns and patterns.

Simply comment on this blog post and you'll automatically be entered.
We'll randomly choose two lucky winners at noon MT on Wednesday, April 6, so be sure to comment before then. Let us know what inspires you to knit, what yarn is your absolute favorite to knit with, or even what you think of Debbie's Blossom Street books and yarns. We'd love to hear from you!


You can see Debbie Macomber and other all-star guests on Knitting Daily TV Series 600, now available on DVD.

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Universal YarnThis giveaway and blog posting have been sponsored by Universal Yarn, a proud sponsor of Knitting Daily TV Series 600.  Visit Universal Yarn for more information on Debbie Macombers yarn and patterns.

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