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This Q&A with Karie Westermann originally appeared in the 2015 issue of knitscene Accessories.

Karie Westermann, also known as Karie Bookish, writes beautifully insightful posts and shares her designs, gorgeous accessories inspired by her Danish heritage and the Scottish landscape, at

karie bookish

Q: How long have you been blogging?
A: I started my first blog in 2001, and though I’ve changed name and format a couple of times, I guess that makes me one of the old bloggers on the block. I met my partner, David, through my early days of blogging, so I’m very grateful for that.

Q: What inspired you to start a blog?
A: Blogging was very new at the time, but I was teaching a writing course at university and thought a blog might be a good way to keep my own writing going. I had read a few blogs and was sure I had enough material to keep going. Fourteen* years later, here we are.

Q: What types of projects do you like to knit and blog about?
A: I am originally from Scandinavia, and I live in Scotland now, and I love sharing pictures and stories about knitting in those two regions. I also love writing about my many jobs in the knitting world—designer, writer, editor, teacher, etc. Knitting is endlessly fascinating!

Q: Which post has been your favorite to write so far?
A: I am really passionate about valuing the amount of time and skill we put into our knitting, and I wrote a long post about a girl I met who had designed and knitted a fingering-weight sweater for $50 (including the yarn!). We shouldn’t do these things to ourselves, and we should be out there telling non-crafters why!

Karie Bookish

Q: Name one blog you love to read, and share why you love it.
A: Dances with Wool is one of my favorites. Lene lives inside the Arctic Circle and writes beautifully about living with very little sunlight and in harsh conditions. She knits so many beautiful things and fills her world with color.

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*Ed note: Karie had been blogging for fourteen years at the time this article was printed in 2015.

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