Blocking knitting with a salad spinner!

Blocking knitting can be a pain, and depending on the project, it can take up a lot of space, not to mention a lot of time.

Did you know you could block small projects with the help of a salad spinner? That’s right, one of my favorite kitchen tools has now become one of my favorite knitting blocking tools.

Here’s a video from our Interweave Yarn Hacks series to show you how to block knitting with a salad spinner:

How cool is that?

I usually wet block knitting, which means total immersion and a lot of water to get rid of. You can use the salad spinner method for hats, mittens, gloves, small shawls, cowls, scarves, and even baby clothes! I love it.

Now I need someone to invent a huge “knitting spinner” for sweater projects! I miss my old top-loading washing machine for this purpose; a quick spin cycle and the excess water was gone.

If you still have a top loader, you’re lucky! Place your wet garment in a lingerie bag and spin it in the washer for two or three minutes, and you’re ready to block!

For more about how to block knitting, check out these great resources:

How to block knitting: Lots of great info and photos here. Wet blocking and steam blocking are described in detail.

The Knitter’s Companion: This is a must-have resource with great blocking tutorials and knitting tips and advice. If you don’t have The Knitter’s Companion, get it now!

Block knitting video tutorial: Watch Eunny Jang demonstrate a blocking knitting a couple different ways.

Blocking Berets on a Dinner Plate: Yes, you heard me right! Use a dinner place for perfect beret blocking.

Blocking Knits: Techniques to transform your Knitting. This is a DVD with expert Anne Hanson. She’ll show you how to block everything, from sweaters to the gorgeous lace shawls.

I hope this video and these resources guide you on your way to better blocking knitting!



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