Is Black Friday Just Shopping? Not This Year.

Until a few days ago, I didn’t know what day of the year Black Friday falls on. I don’t participate; in fact I loathe this so-called holiday. Why? Because people all over the country will stand for hours in freezing temperatures, end up with a bunch of stuff they don’t need or really want, and thinking they’ve come out ahead. But this really isn’t the case.

If you think these big-box stores are offering discounts because they are filled with holiday spirit, you couldn’t be more wrong. While they advertise a fancy electronic at a surprisingly low price point, it’s often a cheaper version of a better product to keep the margins profitable. And if you do actually get a deal on an item, the store bets (usually successfully) that you’ll also purchase things on impulse—things that are not on sale.

So how can you avoid spending money on things you don’t need or want? This year, try shopping online and get only what you planned on purchasing. This way, you won’t be filling a cart to make your time commitment feel worth it. You can even stock your online cart before the sale and then buy anything that drops in price. Or, if you’ve taken stock of what you need and want to avoid shopping on Black Friday, you could spend that day doing something fun or meaningful.

Black Friday options outside of your shopping cart.

Activities that aren’t potentially the most fun but definitely more useful than Black Friday shopping:

1. Get caught up on laundry.
2. Do minor home improvement projects like fixing squeaky hinges or hanging pictures.
3. Go to the dentist.
4. Wait in line at the DMV.
5. Take your car into the shop to diagnose that weird rattling noise. They’ll report that that nothing is wrong and charge you a lot of money.
6. Alphabetize your personal library.
7. Clean the tile grout or gutters.
8. Organize your receipts for taxes.
9. Clean the bathroom.
10. Make a budget.
11. Babysit someone’s annoying child.
12. Get your oil changed.
13. Do yard work.
14. Make your own cheese!


Another Black Friday activity: finding other uses for your yarn stash! (Getty Images)

Activities that are absolutely more fun than Black Friday shopping:

1. Knit (obviously).
2. Volunteer at an animal or food shelter.
3. Spend quality time with friends and family members.
4. Organize your closet.
5. Hike.
6. Visit a museum.
7. Donate blood.
8. Read or listen to a great book.
9. Take unused items to a resale shop or donate them to a local charity.
10. Make holiday cards.
11. Eat all of the Thanksgiving leftovers.
12. Go see a movie, play, or theatrical performance.
13. Sleep in.

14. Have an extravagant breakfast.
15. Go to a spa.
16. Check out local breweries or distilleries.
17. Make holiday decorations for your home or apartment.
18. Check out a new coffee shop.
19. Try your hand at crochet or macramé.
20. Make a giant blanket fort.
21. Wear pajamas ALL DAY.
22. Watch a marathon of bad movies.
23. Call friends or family you haven’t seen in a while.
24. Try a new craft/project.
25. Go ice-skating.
26. Play board and card games.

Finally, consider spend your money at smaller stores. You get to support small business or artisan craftspeople. And that slightly higher price point means you’re getting something unique that’s perfect for holiday or personal gifting. And if you plan to buy knitting supplies, either for yourself or someone else, check out the Interweave Black Friday Sale, where all of the discounts are actually a good deal.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend is full of fluffy mashed potatoes, quality family time, and wonderful knitting.


Assistant Editor, Interweave Knitting Titles

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