Biting into Brioche, Big Time!

I’ve done something, people. Something big. I signed up for a class on the Flying Foxtail Shawl by Stephen West. It’s a stunningly beautiful brioche shawl, and I absolutely don’t have the brioche-knitting skills required for the project. Not even close.


Flying Foxtail Shawl by Stephen West. Photo by Stephen West.

So I’m on a mission to learn what I need to know to make this gorgeous wrap, and I have to be ready the second week of November. I can do it! I know this because of the tools I have available from our Interweave Online Workshops, specifically, Basic Brioche and Beyond by Faina Goberstein.

I’m not a total brioche beginner; I took a class many years ago and I’ve more recently knit a cowl in the round (shown in the background of the top photo), but the increasing and decreasing I’ll need to accomplish in my shawl project is a mystery. The increases and decreases are what makes brioche come alive, after all, creating those swooping curves that add so much texture.


Increases and decreases in a brioche swatch. So pretty!

Brioche knitting is super enjoyable, which I know from my cowl—the stitch is so fluid, and its beauty is addicting. The cushiness of the resulting fabric is unmatched, too. I reach for that cowl more than any other.

I expect nothing less from my Flying Foxtail, especially since I chose a cashmere-blend yarn for this project. Yay!

My materials are all gathered and I’m ready to learn from Faina. After I finish Basic Brioche and Beyond and get my brioche-knitting skills up to par, I know I’ll want to continue learning about this beautiful stitch. Luckily for me, Faina has another workshop, Bold Brioche Cables. Um, yes, please! How cool is this?


Cables in brioche. Who knew?

You can get the both workshops now in our Brioche Workshop Bundle. I highly recommend them; Faina is a great teacher.

Now please excuse me while I take a huge bite of brioche.



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