Bigger and Brighter: The Ultimate Craft Light

WE HAVE A WINNER! Thanks for playing, everyone!
You all came up with wonderful reasons you deserved this lamp–funny, sweet, moving, or all of the above. I would have sent you all lamps if I could.

There's not enough light to read or knit.

There’s not enough light to read or knit.

If you craft at all, you know that your studio set-up can make or break the process. Supplies have to be easy to reach; you need a big flat surface that isn’t covered with other stuff. But most of all, you need light. After years of making stuff and buying lights, I’ve come to the conclusion that lighting designers never read books, work with color, or play with yarn at home. Seriously, a lone 60-watt bulb cannot do the job. Who can possibly decipher a pattern page while knitting or crocheting at a fine gauge? Even most dedicated task lighting doesn’t have all the features I need: there’s not enough light, or it’s not adjustable, or it can’t be placed in my preferred location. I’d propose boiling these designers in oil if OttLite didn’t exist.

Fortunately, OttLite does exist. Not only that—they know what crafters need. Obviously they’ve heard my prayers (or cusses) and designed the best lighting solution. Their EasyView Craft Lamp came to my office for review, and I’m in heaven.

First, the light rests at the perfect height for my work desk: 50–62 inches from the floor with an adjustable gooseneck. And it’s got that spectacular OttLite bulb I love for colorwork. Second, this baby sports a magnifying glass, enlarging items up to 3X. The magnifier can be adjusted by sliding its arm up or down the main pole, or by fiddling with the gooseneck. Whoever designed this work of art is my new superhero. This lamp has got it all.

Thanks, Ott Lite!

Thanks, Ott Lite!

Unfortunately, I don’t get to keep this light. But my bitter loss can be your incredible gain, because the wonderful folks at OttLite want to share some love. Yes, you can win this ultimate craft light for your very own, and just in time for the holidays! Leave a comment below and we’ll randomly select a winner. Theme: how you’ve been very good (or as an homage to the incomparable Mae West, very bad*) this year and deserve a holiday treat.

*”When I’m good, I’m very good. When I’m bad, I’m better.” If only Santa understood this.

Want to win this lamp? Enter a comment below. Winner will be randomly selected on December 2.

Want to win this lamp? Enter a comment below. Winner will be randomly selected on December 1.

Good luck,

Deborah Gerish

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