The Big Reveal: What’s in the Box???

|Sponsored| A lot of stuff is sent to us at the Interweave offices. Yarn samples, projects, knitterly artifacts, projects, and even more projects. It’s safe to say that 90% of the time, we know exactly what we’re getting. For the other 10%, we have a pretty good idea that it’s . . . some kind of project. So we were pretty excited as we got ready to film our latest unboxing effort, The Big Reveal.

Setting up.

The idea was simple: Four yarn companies would send us mystery boxes of new products they were launching, and we’d open them on camera and talk about them. But in Videoland, just because you don’t know what you’re getting, doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare for it.

Dueling box cutters.

Even something as simple as a 5-minute video of our opening a box deserves good lighting and a professional-looking set. One table and some stick-on wallpaper later, we had it. Then there was the matter of the unboxing itself. We had only one take, so we rehearsed opening old boxes to make sure our box cutters made the appropriate zipping noise. We also tried several box cutters to see which was zippiest (and which wouldn’t jam and cut off a finger while we fought with it). Our delightful volunteer (well, “voluntold”) unboxer, Laura, is at least 6 inches taller than me, so I stood on a platform to better match her height.

Zhuzhing some samples post-opening.

Each box was supposed to be a mystery, but I had kept getting cryptic email spoilers from the sponsors. Trendsetter wanted us to model something, Premier was sending 27 samples, and Mountain Meadow Wool sent two boxes for their yarn-box subscription—but they were previous boxes, so the new boxes would indeed remain a mystery.

Dig Into the Fun Premier Yarns Unboxing


Find Your Bliss in the Mountain Meadow Wool Unboxing


The Sugar Bush Yarns Unboxing Gets Springy


A Caucauphony of Color in the Trendsetter Yarns Unboxing


Even with some sleight-of-hand staging, the reactions you see on-screen are real. Laura did want to keep a project, I truly love any wool that is breed-specific, and neither of us realized we’re both from Ohio until we were on camera.

We can’t wait until the next batch!


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