Better than Booties: Knitting for Babies

Priscilla Gibson-Roberts studied hand knitted socks from around the world for nearly a decade. During her sock adventures, Priscilla always hoped to find the perfect structure: a sock that is durable, fits well, is flexible in terms of design, and is easy to knit and repair.

Much to her surprise, she found the key in a pair of machine-made socks that she bought because she wanted to copy the lace around the leg. When she put these socks on, she realized they fit perfectly-not at all like the average manufactured sock. Upon close examination, she found that the construction of the socks was based upon a short-row technique for both heel and toe.

Although short-row techniques for heels have been around since virtually the beginning of hand knitting, short-row toes (a mainstay in the machine-knitting world), were something new. When Priscilla developed her Dream Socks in fall of 2000, she put the two short-row techniques together, and a dream became reality.

Enter sock knitter extraordinaire Ann Budd. Ann thought that Priscilla’s technique would be perfect for baby socks.

Knitted baby booties are so darling, but many designs just won’t stay on Baby’s feet! So Ann thought baby socks would be the perfect solution.

Ann used Priscilla’s short-row heel and toe design, plus a lovely, decorative zigzag bind-off. Worked in washable wool, these socks are easy to care for-an important feature in baby wear.

Braided Cable baby socks, shown in pink; Ruffled Rib baby socks, shown in blue,
and Hugs and Kisses baby socks, shown in chino

If you love knitting baby booties, try our Better than Booties Kits and knit some beautiful baby socks! We’re offering these sock knitting patterns for babies in three colors: Pink, Blue, and Chino.

You’ll get two digital downloads of Interweave Knits, the Fall 2000 issue, featuring Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ original Dream Socks pattern, and the Summer 2005 issue, featuring instructions for the baby socks.

Moms and babies will love these socks, and you’ll have fun knitting them, so choose your color and get your Better than Booties Kit!


P.S. Where do you stand on the the baby bootie vs. the baby sock? Leave a comment below and let us know!




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