Feeling Fox-y: Try Out Our 4 Best Knitted Fox Patterns

Foxes are trending hot these days, and I’m sure you’ve seen them pop up on Pinterest, on Ravelry, in stores, and just about everywhere else. There’s just something so appealing about these little critters! I don’t know if it’s their sleek-yet-cuddly bodies or their cute faces or their sly grins, but foxes certainly have an appeal that’s hard to deny.

If you’re feeling foxes right now, you’re in luck! Interweave is on top of this trend and we have some awesome patterns just waiting to get on your needles, whether you need an accessory to keep you warm this winter or some fun décor for your home.

knitted fox

1. Faux Fox Stole

Add a little whimsy to your wardrobe—and display your love for all things fox—with this darling fox stole. From the excellent book Faux Taxidermy Knits by Louise Walker, this beginner-friendly wrap adds warmth and flair to any outfit. Try it in traditional fox colors, as pictured, or let your imagination run wild and make your fox in any color of the rainbow.

2. Fantastic Fox Family

I’ve already talked about my love for the Fantastic Fox Family from Interweave Knits Holiday 2017, but it bears repeating! This adorable little family is perfect for the holidays, of course, but it’s honestly great any time of year. As with the Faux Fox Stole, you can make these foxes in traditional colors or mix it up to suit your style.

3. Fox Hills Knitted Toddler Cardigan

Get your little ones in on the fox trend with the darling Fox Hills Knitted Toddler Cardigan. This little cardi uses stranded knitting and duplicate-stitch embroidery to create its colorful motifs; the foxes are added with duplicate stitch after you knit the body, so you don’t have to worry about knitting intarsia. Knitted on large needles in a supersoft wool, this adorable cardigan works up quickly and will keep your kiddo warm—and trendy—this winter.

knitted fox

4. Lester the Fox

Oh man, I NEED this fox. Little Lester the Fox is irresistibly cute, and he would be so perfect on the top shelf of the bookcase in my office. He’s pictured here au naturel, but the pattern includes instructions for a sweater, trousers, boots, and a scarf, so you can dress him up as much or as little as you’d like! All the colors are completely customizable; knit a couple of versions of each piece to mix and match his wardrobe depending on your mood (and create a fun dress-up activity for the kids!).

If you’re feeling fox-y, break out the needles and knit one of these cuties!

Happy fox knitting!

Posted February 4, 2018. Updated February 20, 2019.

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  1. Carrie T at 7:25 pm February 5, 2018

    I love foxes! I’m making the Lexi fox poncho on Ravelry by Muki Crafts. So cute you have to check it out.

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