Belated Resolutions

The beginning of this new year has flown by, and I've neglected to make my knitting resolutions. Here are my top 3.

Organize my stash. A daunting goal! But one that I know will benefit my knitting for the rest of the year. My yarn stash has expanded considerably since I started work with Interweave. Carefully arranged skeins have exploded out of their Tupperware and now run rampant all over my apartment, making it mighty hard to stash-dive for a project. Ultimately, I'll have everything catalogued by yarn weight, with a few luxury skeins on display.

Challenge myself with colorwork. I'm a texture gal at heart. I swoon for cables, I go mad for lace, can work twisted ribbing on tiny needles for days. I'm not sure why I avoid stranded knitting. Maybe it's all those dangling ends, or the fear that my love for bright color will result in knits more clownish than sophisticated. This year, I'll make at least one Fair Isle project. There are a few tempting options in Vintage Modern Knits.

More warm-weather knitting! We've had a few unseasonably warm days lately, and they've turned my mind to spring knitting. I actually love summer knits, and am looking forward to experimenting with new fibers. No more pining for sweater season– tricky socks, lacy tees, and silky camisoles will be filling my knitting bag this spring. First on my list is the Millefiori Cardigan.

The sweetly retro Millefiori Cardigan,
Interweave Knits Spring 2009.

Happy knitting!

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