Behind the Scenes: Knitting Daily TV, Series 300

Note from Sandi: I love those "extras" on DVDs that show you little snippets of what was going on backstage at the movie shoot! Today, we have the Associate Producer of Knitting Daily TV, Annie Hartman Bakken, to give us a little behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the next season's taping of Knitting Daily TV. Here's Annie:

Setting the stage: Knitting Daily TV taped its third season this past month in rainy, windy Beachwood, Ohio. The best in the business gathered in front of the cameras with their fiber and tools in hand to bring you the best season to date!  In five short taping days (okay, they were actually really long days, but they flew by!) it’s absolutely fascinating what I learned by simply being in the studio.  


From yarn and knitwear designers Laura Bryant (Prism Arts) and Barry Klein (Trendsetter Yarns):

Did you know that you could simply organize your stash yarn by color weight, and lo and behold a new world of color combinations reveal themselves? Not sure what to do with a lone lime green skein? By organizing your yarn stash that pesky skein that doesn’t seem to belong will suddenly fit in with many projects! Pair it with other colors of the same value and it’s subtly will surprise you. Or, throw it in with a different family of colors and it will pop right before your eyes.


 From Kathy Zimmerman, the Queen of Cables:

When you think of cabled sweaters, you tend to think of thick, traditional garments, such as fisherman sweaters – at least, I do. Well, that idea was thrown for a loop when Kathy Zimmerman showed up! Cabled garments usually take a lot of time to knit, but mixing them with lace makes them more knitable. And, the unique blend of the lace feminine details not only lessen the bulk of a knitted sweater, but transition it from a cozy weekend pullover to a chic cardigan for spring without losing the classic look of cables!

 And more!

The list of “things I learned at the Knitting Daily TV taping” goes on and on, from Eunny’s take on the Chanel Island cast-on method, a new cable life line trick, the difference between alpaca and baby alpaca (it has nothing to do with the animal’s age, folks?!), to how to make reversible knitwear, and more, lots more.

Plus, just being able to see all the new saturated yarn colors out there, I’ve certainly felt the inspirational pinch to get back to knitting like a lunatic. But before I do, I seriously need one of those Namaste bags to haul my projects around in! The bags that decorated the set all season had me drooling before the cameras started rolling!!! How many bags does one girl need? Well, if my newly organized yarn stash is any indication… 

Sandi and I will fill you in on all the fiber lesson to learn and fantastic guest appearances on Knitting Daily TV Series 300 in upcoming e-mails and promos, so stayed tuned! This series will begin airing on select Public Television stations beginning in July. Knitting Daily TV Series 200 is airing now and if you’ve missed any of the episodes, Series 100 and 200 can be purchased here.

— Annie Hartman Bakken
Associate Producer of Knitting Daily TV

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