Behind the Scenes: Knitscene Spring 2015

Knitscene Spring 2015 went to press on December 3rd. We’re kind of in a holding pattern now; we’ve finished everything we can, sent it off to the printer, and are eagerly awaiting its arrival in the office. To help pass the time, we like to look back at our photo shoots, remember the garments, styling, weather, and antics (the latter of which there are always plenty!).

Day one of the shoot dawned beautifully. It was a beautiful September day, brisk but not cold, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and we headed up the canyon to Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch. They kindly gave us the run of the place, and shot location scouting started immediately. A lot of us who go on these shoots normally spend our days in front of computers, and having the opportunity to tromp around in the great out of doors is refreshing and awesome and we get a little giddy (I might mostly be talking about myself here!).

The Morning The Afternoon

I’m slowly learning that the weather in the great state of Colorado changes wicked fast, especially when you’re up in the mountains. We had clouds before we knew it, the temperature dropped, and then there was the rain. I’m used to lazy, lovely, east coast thunderstorms, but this was a pack-up-the-Ark-the-end-is-nigh kind of storm. And it lasted for hours. To pass the time, our intrepid photographers Nate and Caleb, started a fire in the condo we were loaned (in the fireplace, I should stipulate). We all spent a ridiculously good portion of the afternoon in the living room, around the fire, warming up after going out into the rain for shots as we could, and getting set for shots upcoming.

Fire in progress Lining up a shot

Beaver Meadows is a really beautiful spot, and we had a great time, even with the rain. The shots turned out beautifully, and everyone came together to hold umbrellas and work quickly, getting the models inside to warm up as much as possible.

Caleb and Nate found a great door It required holding during photography!

We had planned a certain location for the afternoon portion of the shoot, but the rain put a significant damper (oh man I crack myself up!) on those plans. The folks at Beaver Meadows allowed us to set up in their stable instead, and we had fun working in that environment. The tone was really warm and cozy, just the thing on a rainy day.

Umbrellas became necessary accessories Designer Kit amid the saddles

We were all pretty happy to wrap this day of shooting, the cold and damp had worn out their welcome. The next day found us at the Harper Point studio space and at the awesome Pinball Jones, both in Fort Collins.

Waiting for models, playing pinball Lights and pinball machines and COLORS!

The photographers put some bright colors over their flashes and filled Pinball Jones with blues and pinks and purples. We all got to play a little pinball too, which was really fun. Kim has some truly awesome machines there, a nice blend of old and new.

Caleb and I know how to stay classy.

This last photo took place at the end of the rainy day at Beaver Meadows, when we were all getting a little punchy. The lovely model, Brei, did not know that photographer Caleb and I were bent over next to her waiting to jump up for this magical moment. Brei was standing in a trough, and we hid there until someone initiated a 3-2-1 countdown and then we appeared! This is part of the fun of photo shoots. Everyone works really hard, and works really quickly, but we always take time for fun and remember never to take ourselves too seriously.

In closing, Amy took some cool video on the shoot and put together a behind the scenes look/preview. Check it out below, and check back for the full issue on December 23rd!


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