Behind the Scenes: Knitscene Fall

We had beautiful weather and an amazing time at our Knitscene Fall 2015 photo shoot. There were fantastic models and a great team of people working on this over two days, and we used some lovely Fort Collins locations (Fort Collins Water Works, the Downtown Artery, Harper Point’s funky and fun studio space). Take a look at these photos Amy took, and see some of what we get up to at these shindigs. Don’t forget to snag a copy of our 10th anniversary issue today!

Day one, getting ready at the Fort Collins Water Works.KSFall15.11 KSFall15.10

It’s a really cool building/ground area, first built to pump water from the Poudre River into Fort Collins. The reservoirs on the grounds were filled in when the building was no longer operational, but are now being excavated…which as a history nerd, is awesome!KSFall15.2 KSFall15.1 KSFall15.9 KSFall15.5

The buildings were beautiful and we got to stare down some wildlife. Or they started us down. Either way, it was nice to get some nature into the day!KSFall15.4

Day two started at the Downtown Artery, an amazing art space with this stellar balcony.KSFall15.8

We spent the afternoon at Harper Point’s studio for our Style Icon story, shot in color and black and white.KSFall15.7 KSFall15.3

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