Behind the scenes at two Knitscene photoshoots!

A sweet backyard garden party. A dusty Southwestern desert trail. Don’t these sound like fantastic places to shoot photos for a summer knitting magazine?

I’m sure they would be wonderful places to actually set a photoshoot, but here at Knitscene, we went out and shot our brand new Knitscene Summer issue just up the road from the offices. Last week, on the coldest day we’d had so far this fall. Some folks at the shoot had on down jackets, while our models were wearing shorts and mini-skirts.

And yes, you read that correctly, Knitscene will have a summer issue next year, as well as three other issues filled to the brim with exciting new patterns. We’re going quarterly! Right now, we’re busy putting together the regular Winter/Spring issue (which will hit newsstands early in 2011), but you can expect the summer issue sometime in April.

Just to illustrate what sort of shenanigans do or do not happen at a Knitscene photoshoot, here are some behind-the-scenes snaps I took last Tuesday and Wednesday.

The weather forecast for Tuesday (aka, the day we would be outside shooting the Summer issue) was bleak: rainy and cold and not a lot in between. We set up inside a converted barn, and former Knitscene editor Katie Himmelberg, who was our amazing stylist for these two issues, started gathering all the clothes we’d need for the day.

The first story we shot had a garden-party-style to it, and our location was still beautifully green. Most of Colorado is turning to fall shades, and while we had a little bit of that going on, we were able to find spots that were still lush.

While the grass was clinging to summer, the temperatures had completely given up. We had to pause occasionally to let the models warm up a little bit.

By the afternoon, the sun had started peering out through the clouds, so we turned our attention and the camera equipment to capture the amazing Devil’s Backbone for our backdrop. All we had to do was walk across a street to get an entirely different look. Our photograher, Joe Coca, went the distance on some of the shots and braved the wilds of Colorado.

Wednesday morning had us switching gears to shoot garments for the Winter/Spring issue. Unlike Tuesday, Wednesday started off incredibly bright. So bright, in fact, that we had to take some extreme measures to get the shots.

Diffusers and reflectors were the VIPs of Wednesday, as were our models, who risked being blinded all that light. Also, that diffuser would make an excellent rowboat sail. I’m just saying.

It was so bright that Lisa (Knitscene editor extraordinaire) had to take some extra steps to see the photos on the computer screen. I’ll let you decide if photoshoots are as glamorous as they sound.

By the end of the week (yep, shooting two issues back-to-back is a week-long process), we were all tired and ready to go home, but we got some amazing shots of all the wonderful garments that our designers supplied–familiar designers such as Debbie O’Neill, Amy Christoffers, Melissa Wehrle, Amy Polcyn, and Romi Hill, as well as some new-to-us folks from around the globe. We’re incredibly excited about both the upcoming Winter/Spring issue and the Summer issue, and we hope you will be too.

I leave you with some ambiance photos to help you ward off the on-coming winter days just a little bit longer.



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