Behind The Scenes at the Knits Photoshoot

Note from Sandi: One of the things that makes Interweave Knits special is the photography! Lush with detail and alive with ambience, each photo seems to invite us to crawl right inside the magazine. Today, Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits, takes us behind the scenes of the Knits Spring 2009 photoshoot:



Knits shoots are always a lot of fun. For me, shooting Knits is about giving you a way to see how these items could work in your life—the mood a sweater might put you in, the most flattering way to tie that wrap, unexpected ways to wear an accessory. It’s glossied up a little for magazine photography, but we keep things grounded in Real Life: We shoot in houses and restaurants, backyards and gardens, and use friends and colleagues as models. Occasionally, a shirt or jacket one of us is wearing is the perfect thing for showing off a knit—and it ends up on a model for the shot.

But nothing can give you a feel for how our shoots work like a real peek behind the scenes can.  Click through for a gallery of candids from the first day of the shoot for the Spring 2009 issue of Knits (in the magazine, these became the Modern Floral and Sideways stories)—enjoy!

– Eunny


View the Spring Knits behind-the-scenes gallery!


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