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Ah, winter knitting. For many of us it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. Cold temperatures (and a record-setting 20+ inches of snow a few weeks ago) keep us indoors, and the cure for cabin fever usually includes a new pattern and a few yummy skeins. Winter knitting is where tactile learning meets tactile yearning, as we look for cushy yarns to knit squooshy projects.

The Winter 2020 issue of Interweave Knits is a bounty of bouncy projects. Thick ribbing and stranded colorwork always signify warmth, but cozy really comes into its own with the advent of cables. And boy, does this issue give you plenty of cables.

knits winter 2020

The Grapevine Wrap is already in my Ravelry Queue!

Want a simple shawl with a skosh of squish? Check out the Grapevine Wrap by Ayano Tanaka. The piece is mostly garter stitch, hence perfect for Netflixing, but the reversible cable edge makes it stand out.

knits winter 2020

Nothing says knitting stamina like an allover cable.

The North Country Ruana by Joan Forgione ups the cable quotient, with an allover-but-still-reversible design. I’d have to pass on watching TV for this one, but it would be a great Knit Night project, or the perfect companion for listening to an audio book.

knits winter 2020

This scarf has been on my desk for 3 weeks because I can’t let it go.

If you really want to go full-bore into cable excitement, look no further than Moon Eldridge’s Marbled Brioche Scarf. Brioche cables in two—TWO!—colors, and the doubled fabric is delightful boingy, snuggly, and warm. Pick two highly contrasting colors for mega cable wattage.

knits winter 2020

A master class in cable appreciation.

Moira Engle’s Brilliant Cables Hooded Sweater is a classic symphony of cabled bliss, from the gorgeous green yarn to the knitted-in front pocket. It looks great on the dude modeling it, but it’s truly a unisex design. And if you are going to all the trouble of knitting a yarn-devouring, cabled sweater, who is a better recipient than someone who really appreciates your knitting—namely, yourself?

Find these designs and more, from welted wonders to polychrome pullovers in Knits Winter 2020. You’ll be happily knitting until springtime.

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