The Beauty of knit.wear

The latest issue of knit.wear is another beauty. These pages are filled with some of the most stylish and wearable knits ever, which I know is a big statement, but I stand by it. The color palette—tonal neutrals with tasteful accents of color—is delicate and perfect for winter weather. The patterns have beautiful details, from dropped stitches to cutouts to unexpected construction. Reading through this issue is soothing and exciting at the same time.

While almost everything here is now on my “to-knit” list, I started right in with Jennifer Dassau’s Walnut Street Coat. I love everything plaid, especially this time of year, and the use of it in this cardigan made me say to knit.wear editor Meghan Babin, “I need this now!” The top-down construction comes together beautifully, almost like magic, and the subtle shaping creates a nicely feminine fit without being too severe. Using a worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles means this project is practically knitting itself.

The detail that really captured my attention with the Walnut Street Coat is the reversible collar. There’s some unique and cool construction that happens with this, and it’s kind of like the reward for finishing the body of the sweater. You get to do some picking up of stitches, crochet work, and sewing: simple details of beauty that create a really eye-catching look.

Beauty of knit.wear
I chose to make my version of this cardigan with the same mottled gray main color featured in the magazine and a great red, the fantastically named “poma-grenade,” for the accent. Dream in Color Classy is available in a seemingly limitless number of colors, so you’re sure to find a combination you love. The 100 percent superwash merino makeup of the yarn makes this coat super pleasing to knit as well an infinitely wearable final product.

I highly suggest snuggling into the Fall/Winter issue of knit.wear and seeing what speaks to you. Simple stitches and tasteful hues permeate this issue and make all of the projects easily customizable to your own color preferences!

Yours in yarn-y goodness,

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