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If you’ve been knitting for any length of time, there’s no doubt you’ve formed a bit of a ritual when it comes to your time spent stitching. For me, it’s shuffling downstairs in the early morning hours before the rest of the house wakes. I brew some coffee (hazelnut cream, please, no need for extra sugar), pour a steaming hot cup, and sit in my favorite corner of the couch knitting until it’s time to get the kids off to school. I find myself wishing I could linger there all day, but sooner or later work calls. Luckily, my work is creating craft books like Coffeehouse Knits, or the urge to pour another cup would be too difficult to resist.

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I find a habit has developed around my knitting outside the house as well. When my knitting friends gather, it’s almost always in a coffee shop. Before heading out the door to the coffeehouse, a few things must happen. First, I need to wear my latest finished project. Surely I was working on it the last time I saw everyone and they’d need to see how it turned out. Then, knitting bag packing. I’ve long since thrown out the idea that I should only bring a travel-friendly project with me for gatherings. While I do try to bring something I won’t mess up during distracted moments of chit-chatting, I’m not afraid to bring a sweater if that’s what I’m feeling most inspired to work on. Last, a spare skein or two. If I’ve made a recent stash enhancement, I love to share what I’ve found with friends. If I’ve recently culled a few skeins, I bring them knowing they’ll find a good home by the end of the visit.

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From the couch to the café, knits perfect for any coffeehouse

These two simple acts, my quiet morning knitting and time spent with my knitting friends, are at the heart of the inspiration for the projects featured in Coffeehouse Knits. I know I’m not alone in either of these doings. Though our routines and caffeine tolerance may differ, I’m sure you know the comfort and connection these actions bring. In that vein, you’ll find projects to keep you entertained during solitary times, alongside ones you could easily knit while talking with friends. Don’t be afraid to stop and sip your drink of choice; it will be easy to pick up where you left off. You’ll also discover beautiful yarns that will be buttery in your hands and others you’ll jump to show your companions. All the while, the combination of design and fiber has the focus of being classic and wearable, so you’ll love wearing these on outings just as much as knitting them.

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Coffeehouse Knits: a fresh cup of knitting inspiration

And what’s better over coffee than engaging conversation? So along with patterns, you’ll find essays from knitters just like you. Each has a unique perspective on their relationship with knitting and what being a part of this great community has provided them. Consider Coffeehouse Knits an invitation. Pour yourself a cuppa, grab your needles and yarn, pull up a chair, and join us. We’re so very glad you’re here.

Kerry Bogert, Editorial Director, Interweave Books

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Your next knit is brewing!

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