Be a Slouch: The Calamus Knit Hat

Couch slouch—that's me. I really like my leisure time in the evening—for knitting, TV, Facebook, whatever; I just need a couple of hours to sit on the couch and do what I want to do. I realize this could be considered a luxury, and I really do appreciate that it fits into my lifestyle.

There's another kind of slouch that I enjoy, and it's the slouch hat. I have what my family lovingly calls a basketball head, so hats are dicey on me. The beanie is definitely a no-go, but a slouchy hat looks pretty good, so that's my hat of choice.

The newest slouchy hat in my queue is from Knitscene Accessories 2014—the Calamus Hat by Teresa Gregorio.

Calamus Hat by Teresa Gregorio. Too cute!
Calamus Hat, back view

Lacy patterns lend themselves wonderfully to slouch hats because the openwork is naturally loose. The lace fabric also has good drape for this type of pattern.

Calamus Hat, side view

Calamus is a really pretty hat, and interestingly, it's knit from the top down. Not too many hats are constructed this way, so that's fun.

According to Teresa, "Calamus is a lacy and light slouchy hat, inspired by the layers of bird wings. Knit with this soft and springy yarn, the delicacy of a bird's feathers comes to life in your knit."

The yarn is Filatura Di Crosa Zarina Chinè. The ball band calls for size US 2½–4 (3–3.5mm), but the body of Calamus is knit with a size 6 US needle to give the drapeyness that's needed for this style of hat. As you can see from the photos, the size 6 isn't too large to use with the yarn; lace patterns often use a needle several sizes larger than called for on the yarn's ball band.

The key is in the clever design. Teresa has us changing to a size US 3 needle as we get about three inches from the brim. This tightens things up nicely, making the hat still slouchy, but it won't be falling over your forehead too much when you lean over to tie your shoes or pick up a lucky penny! Then we switch to a size US 2 needle to knit the brim.

The brim is knit in twisted rib, which is the perfect perfect finish for slouch hats. Twisted rib is knit by simply knitting through the back loop, and purling, alternatively. So: Round 1 *K1tbl, p1; rep from * to end. Rep Round 1 for patt.

It's a snug stitch and it looks really nice. Twisted rib is used on waistbands a lot, so they won't become baggy after a lot of wearing.

Filatura Di Crosa Zarina Chinè in cyclamen, top, and lavender, bottom

The instructions say to bind off in pattern. Be careful, though, to bind off loosely enough so that the hat isn't too tight on your head. You want it snug, but not tight.

We like this hat so much that we've kitted it up for you!

You'll get two balls of Filatura Di Crosa Zarina Chinè, a washable, sport-weight yarn that's really nice to work with. Years ago, I knitted a baby jacket, hat, and bootie set with Zarina, and it was a favorite of the baby's mom. It washed beautifully and looked new until baby grew out of it.

You have a choice of two colors—either cyclamen or lavender. Cyclamen is the color shown in the photos.

Get your kit today, in cyclamen or lavender, and cast on the perfect slouch. It's a great gift idea, too!


P.S. What's your favorite kind of hat to knit? Share it with us in the comments!

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