Be a better photographer

Use whimsical settings for smaller items. I have a cupcake stand that works great for little things I want to take photos of. It ups the cute factor, too! I used scrapbook paper for the background.

Some people say that their knitting projects aren't done until photos are taken of the final, blocked piece. I'm not one of these people, but I wish I were. My projects seem to make it to the wearer or the closet before they get photographed, and then . . . I just forget it.

I'm not a super great photographer, but I am better at taking photos than I used to be. And I'm trying to take photos of my finished objects as soon as they're done and blocked.

I've learned a lot from trial and error, but my best teacher is photographer Gale Zucker, and her web seminar, Basic Photography Skills for Knitters. I was the host for this seminar, and I learned so much! I used to take photos with my phone, but because of Gale's seminar, I've fallen in love with my little Canon.

Here are some tips from Gale that have made my photos better:

I love this background! Who would have thought painted-over graffiti would make such a great setting? (Photo by Gale Zucker)

—Keep shooting. Take lots and lots of photos, there are sure to be some that are great!

—Turn off your flash! Try to use natural light whenever possible. It will decrease harsh shadows.

—Set your camera to underexpose by 1/3 of a stop: this will help capture colors correctly and you won't get washed out photos (check your manual if you don't know how to make this adjustment).

Gale speaks in layman's terms, and when she does get a tiny bit techy, she explains herself very well. I highly recommend this web seminar! We're having a sale on our seminars right now, so check it out. There's so much to learn!



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