Get Back to Basics with knitscene Spring 2020

Garter stitch doesn’t get old. I confess there was a time when I stuck my nose up at it because I had moved onto more advanced, “better” knitting techniques. It took me awhile to come back to it, but ultimately I did because of the comfort, peace, and mindfulness it fosters. It’s a consistent way to get back into the process of knitting for the knitting itself, and it’s a reminder of why I started this craft to begin with. The repetitive motion of working only knit stitches is meditative and calming. But you, reader, already know that.

The spring issue of knitscene is packed full of fresh knits!

Garter stitch has been making a comeback in this community over the past few years as well, with projects that focus on simplicity and construction. At the same time, more complex methods that provide engagement and a bit of challenge are always in popular demand. How do you marry the most basic knitting technique with something exciting and new that will keep you engaged? This question inspired us to incorporate the second element of the projects in knitscene Spring 2020 issue: edgings. We wanted to see how designers would utilize these approaches separately and in what clever ways they’d combine them. The result is a gorgeous collection of spring projects in light pinks and rich teals that will bring you back to the basics of this craft and give you a challenge when you need one. There is something here for every kind of knitter.

You will be captivated by the construction in the Sidelong Tee.

One of the delicious projects in knitscene Spring 2020, the Sidelong Tee, is knitted from side to side and inspired this issue’s technique article, written by Karen Frisa. There is so much to know about knitting a garment side to side rather than bottom up or top down, we couldn’t fit all that useful information into one article. Since there is so much to know about knitting garments sideways, we’ll include a follow-up article in our next issue, so stay tuned!

On behalf of the knitscene team, we are so happy to have you here with us as we kick off 2020. We had a challenging 2019, but we’re excited to keep this train moving and for you to join us on the ride. So, thank you!


Start Your Year Off Right with knitscene Spring 2020!