Barbet Sweater: Finished!

I finished my Barbet Pullover! I did not finish it in time for Rhinebeck and thus got a mild scolding from designer Alexis Winslow, but it was well-intentioned (and really not a scolding at all).

This seamless sweater pattern comes from Alexis's incredible book, Graphic Knits. I talked about this book before, and after finishing this sweater, I'm even more in love with it.

We've worked with Alexis quite a bit over the years, and every time she delivers a design that combines clever but not overly difficult knitting with fashion-forward and figure friendly wearability. Barbet is on trend, comfortable to wear, and flattering.

I especially love scrunching up in the cowl neck—the waffle rib pattern is fast and fun to knit and creates a cozy layer of warmth.

The weather, unfortunately, is not playing nicely with my sweater-wearing wishes, but I can't wait for that to change so I can wear this sweater all the time.

Pick up your own copy of Graphic Knits to knit your own Barbet Sweater!

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