Baby Knitting Patterns for Modern Times

Polka-Dot Pocket baby sweater to knit.

Polka-Dot Pocket

Knitting baby knitting patterns is so satisfying. The projects can be done quickly, the cute factor is off the charts, and, in my experience, the parents are always so grateful for the time and effort you put into a handknit gift.

And what’s cuter than a baby or toddler in a handknit sweater? The Polka-Dot Pocket sweater at right is a great example—so adorable. I want one in my size.

I always knit something for my friends, and even acquaintances, who are having babies. I spied a neighbor the other day, and I think I saw a baby bump! I immediately thought about what to cast on. I really love to knit baby items, including blankets and stuffed animals.

When my nephew was born, I knitted him a teddy bear and he still sleeps with it, at age 10. I’m so touched by that every time I visit. What a knitting victory!

One of my favorite designers, Tanis Gray, has put together a new book of baby knits, Three Skeins or Less: Modern Baby Knits. It’s packed with toddler and baby knitting patterns, from sweaters to rompers, blankets to stuffies. There’s a rabbit pattern in there that I think would be perfect for my neighbor.

Here’s Tanis to tell you about this darling new collection of handknits.

Baby Knitting Patterns for the Modern Child

I am a firm believer that babies and children should live their lives in comfortable handknits. The label “handmade” regarding knits for children is often confused with “fussy” and “finicky” and implies tiny gauge and a pastel palette, but that doesn’t have to be the case!

This book is designed with both the knitter and the wearer in mind, chock-full of designs that are easy to knit with easy finishing, bright colors, easy-care fibers, and modern silhouettes that little ones will want to wear.

Baby knitting patterns from Modern Baby Knits

Clockwise from left: Elizabeth Tunic, Wee Ones Fair Isle Hat, Diamond Pullover, Wallie and Carter, Bunny

Having a young son myself, the thought of him staying still and perfectly clean in a garment that took ages to knit is nothing short of impossible! Children should be able to move, wiggle, dance, pretend, and play, all while wearing beautiful handmade garments, knit by those who love them. Don’t tuck those kid knits away after a family photo session—let them live their life in them and wear them daily!

Knit this baby hat and glove set with a rainbow cord.

Rainbow Bonnet and Mitten Set

Designed by knitters around the world with just two to three skeins of yarn in multiple yarn weights, these garments are fresh, modern, colorful, and—most important—practical and fun to knit with no fuss.

Featuring twenty-four patterns including pullovers, pants, rompers, accessories, dresses, blankets, and toys, whether you’re knitting for your children or someone else’s, these designs will not only stand the test of time, but they also can be knit with just a few special skeins of yarn you’ve been waiting to use.

From one mama to another, may your child’s life be filled with love, knowledge, play, laughter, and handknits!

—Tanis Gray, from Modern Baby Knits

I love the notion of kids living in their handknits. Tanis’s collection is full of everyday items that are meant for wearing; nothing is so precious that it can’t go from the toy box to the sand box.

If you enjoy knitting for babies and kids, and who doesn’t, I know you’ll love this wonderful collection of delightful designs. Order your copy of Three Skeins or Less: Modern Baby Knits today!


P.S. Do you enjoy making baby knitting patterns? Leave a comment below, and tell me about your favorite baby project!

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