Kate Will Teach You How to Fix Knitting Mistakes!

It’s not a matter of whether you make mistakes, but rather how you handle them, that makes you a great knitter. We all make mistakes; we’re human. Sometimes we make small mistakes, like a dropped stitch. No problem! Grab your crochet hook and no one will be the wiser. Sometimes the effort to fix knitting mistakes becomes larger; maybe you’ve knit the wrong pattern size or made two left fronts of your sweater. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Before you throw your needles and yarn in the trash, take a deep breath, walk away from your project, and come back with a clear mind and a set of fresh eyes. (And don’t forget a flat surface and a good overhead light.)

When you come back with those fresh eyes, the good news is that knitting expert Kate Atherley is here to help. In her online course, Fixing Knitting Mistakes, you’ll learn how to identify errors, catch them in time, and fix them easily. Instead of ripping out your knitting with reckless abandon, Kate shows you a “safe frogging” method that allows you to preserve as much of your piece as possible.

You’ll master advanced fixes in cables and lace that are a lot easier than they look, and you’ll even learn when it’s best to leave a small mistake alone. With Kate’s detailed demonstrations and low-risk practice exercises, you’ll become a fearless knitter (and the most envied member of your knit night!).

What make a difference in your knitting ability are patience, practice, and the confidence to fix your mistakes and carry on with your work. When you feel only mild annoyance instead of sheer panic over a missed yarnover, a row of twisted stitches, or a mis-crossed cable, you’ll know that you have the confidence to try more intricate patterns and designs.

Go on—drop a stitch on purpose just to pick it back up again. The more mistakes you fix in your knitting, the more confident you’ll become.

Happy Knitting,

Never Stop Learning


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