A Study in Asymmetry: Wool Studio Vol. VII

Asymmetry is interesting. As living creatures, we’ve evolved to expect symmetry. Most natural things are symmetrical, including leaves and body shapes. We crave the reflection along an axis; it symbolizes that all is perfect, natural, and well. This evolution is precisely why asymmetry has such a prominent place in modern design; rather than put the viewer at ease, it causes them to linger and look more closely. Houses with unbalanced arrangements of windows, Cubist portraits, cantilever chairs—they all cause our brains to pause for a moment and reassess.

However, even the natural world isn’t perfectly symmetrical. Everyone’s faces have slightly different marks and quirks on each side. Trees are often lopsided, with branches growing at different angles. Asymmetry even appears on a cellular level: Molecules that are identical but mirror-images of each other can have very different biological effects. (The carvone molecule has two mirror-image configurations: One smells like spearmint, and the other like caraway!)

Using a mixture of the modern and the organic, the designs featured in Wool Studio Vol. VII inspire closer study. Designers Mary Anne Benedetto, Stella Egidi, Estefania Espindola, Merri Fromm, Kirsten Joel, Adrienne Larsen, Courtney Spainhower, Nadya Stallings, Hattie Townsend, and Cheryl Toy each bring their own aesthetic and skewed vision to the collection.

wool studio vol vii

Hexol Pullover by Stella Egidi

Asymmetry makes us stop to take a second look, and these 10 projects are beautifully designed to do just that.

wool studio vol vii

Enantiomer Pullover by Estefania Espindola

Thank you to the yarn companies who made Wool Studio Vol. VII issue possible: Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, Fairmount Fibers, Jagger Spun, Kelbourne Woolens, Kingfisher Yarn & Fibre, Mrs. Crosby, Plymouth Yarn, Sugar Bush Yarns, Trendsetter Yarns, and Universal Yarn. Their yarns add the final twist to a lovely collection.

wool studio vol. vii

Dyadic Pullover by Nadya Stallings

We hope you enjoy this collection and use it to throw your own wardrobe a little off balance in the best way possible.

Check out the new Wool Studio Vol. VII lookbook!

Top photo: Biot Pullover by Courtney Spainhower

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