Arm Knit a Cowl in 15 minutes!

In the spring/summer issue of knit.wear, out now, I mention an arm-knit cowl by designer Mari Chiba in my editor's letter. 

   "I want to talk about arm knitting for a minute. This trend, and related coverage of it, made the rounds of social media and mainstream media alike earlier this year. My inbox filled up from friends, relatives, and colleagues emailing me links about it. I haven’t rolled my eyes this much since middle school. I dismissed the whole thing with a haughty “that’s not real knitting” and went about my business. And then I had lunch with designer Mari Chiba one day. Lo and behold, she was wearing this really cool pink cowl, with giant stitches in a super bulky wool. She told me she had arm-knitted (is this a verb? I don’t even know) it in about 15 minutes!"

Here's the cowl Mari knit with one skein of The BagSmith Big Stitch Merino:

Read more about Mari's cowl and see a tutorial on arm-knitting on her blog here.  It's a very cool, architectural design that fits the aesthetic of knit.wear very well. This new issue takes a look at contemporary lace, pleat techniques, mod necklines, and glam rock stripes–a great combination of soft Bohemian and edgy color for the spring/summer seasons. Below are a few of my personal favorites; check out the full preview here

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