Are Your New Year Knitting Resolutions Reasonable?

Starting a new year is hard. You want to make this next one a better year, one where you’re exactly the person you want to be and you finally “get your life together.” (If you don’t cave to the pressures of New Year’s resolutions, I’m honestly a little jealous.) This year, I’m striving for attainable goals in life and for knitting. Ones where I focus on things I love and would like to do more and not use this exercise as an excuse to tell myself how awful I am. Thankfully I am surrounded by talented and super smart co-workers who are helping me by sharing their own knitting New Year’s resolutions!

Joni Coniglio

Senior Project Editor for the Interweave Knitting Group

“I never set goals for my personal knitting projects because I don’t want the pressure (even if it’s self-imposed) of having to finish projects by a certain date. I never know how I’m going to feel about a project until I’m well into it and I like the freedom of being able to change it (or abandon it altogether) if it’s not working out. Setting a goal would just make me feel guilty about my lack of progress.”

Allison Korleski

Video Producer

“My knitting goals are *never* realistic. “Knit a sweater a month. OK, a sweater every other month. Maybe just two sweaters, but they will be awesome sweaters. Oh hell, at least I got all the parts of one knit. Mostly.”

One goal I was able to keep was “Knit with only stash yarn for one year.” I did manage to make two sweaters, but generally stuck with smaller projects like cowls, hats, and socks, as they are a great way to use up random skeins. The great thing about this exercise was:

  • Because almost everything was small, I knit a LOT. Finishing so many projects was a great feeling.
  • It forced me into a lot of thoughtful and creative design decisions. How do I combine different yarns in a way that looks good? It made me really plan a project before I started knitting it, and the result looks great, rather than a hodgepodge of colors and textures.
  • It made me really good at calculating how much yarn I had in all those partial skeins.
  • I didn’t spend any $$ on yarn!
White Smoke Cardigan

White Smoke Cardigan

Hayley DeBerard

Editorial Coordinator, Interweave Books

“New Year’s resolutions usually come with new routines or big lifestyle changes, and both of those things give me the hives. Instead, I like to trick myself into getting better by coming up with bite-sized little goals I can take on throughout the year. So far I don’t have many goals for the new year, but the two I know for sure I want to tackle are to get a little more selfish with my knitting, and to finally try cables. Maybe I’ll knock out the two at the same time by knitting the White Smoke Cardigan featured in 100 Knits. That little lovely has been burning a hole in my queue forever!

Laura Hulslander

Associate Editor, Interweave Knitting Group

“Yes, but only because my goals are squishy. I make very broad goals that can be achieved in many ways. Instead of setting a number, I try to make a generalized plan. Deciding that I’m going to knit six sweaters or not buy any yarn this year is setting myself up for failure; it ain’t gonna happen. On the other hand, if I plan to knit mostly from my stash and make a few sweaters, I’m much more likely to do it. Set the bar low, and you’re sure to clear it!”

Murray Pullover

Murray Pullover

Andrea Lotz

Social Media Manager

“My only resolution for 2019 is to knit a garment with sleeves. I have an irrational phobia of sleeves that I’m hoping to conquer in 2019 by knitting the Murray Pullover from Wool Studio Vol. 4. From there, hopefully, my confidence is built up enough to try some more complicated set-in sleeves! I’m not setting myself a goal for how many sweaters to knit this year, because I’ll only disappoint myself, but I know this is one goal I can tackle.”

Anne Merrow

Group Editorial Director, Interweave Yarn & Fiber

“A friend of mine makes the same resolution every year: not to stab anyone. I think that works for knitters, too. Because I have stabbed myself in the butt with a sharp knitting needle, and don’t even get me started on the felting needles!”

Some advice I will hold close while deciding my own goals are: be kind to yourself, make small changes, and don’t do anything that adds stress. I hope these resolutions help you decide how to tackle your 2019!

Happy New Year from the Interweave Team!

Achieve your 2019 knitting goals!