April Birthstone Knits: Diamonds Are a Knitter’s Best Friend

Sparkly, sharp enough to cut glass, and glitteringly beautiful, diamonds are perhaps the most highly prized of all gemstones. Although Taylor Swift can afford a bathtub’s worth of bling, it’s safe to say that none of us are so lucky. What we DO have is a plethora of patterns inspired by the precious stone. Some feature diamond-shaped lace and cables, others quite literally sparkle with beads, sequins, and other twinkly bits.

In celebration of April’s stone, we’ve looked though our pattern archive and brought you several gems.

april birthstone

Oslo Walk Shawl

Susanna IC is one of my favorite lace designers, and frankly, it’s hard to pick just one of her shawls. The lace design here mimics the delicate complexity of ice crystals, while the multitude of silver foil-lined beads ups the glitter factor. Keep in minds that beads aren’t merely decorative in lace knitting: they also weight a shawl just enough to give it perfect swing and drape.

april birthstone knits

Monterey Tee

Worked in the aptly named Luma, the Monterey Tee has a subtle sheen. The intricate allover-diamond pattern is balanced by the simplest of silhouettes—a relaxed rectangle with a bateau neckline.

april birthstone knits

Crystal Palace Shawl 

Mone Dräger’s silvery lattice was inspired by the eponymous site of the 1851 World’s Fair. Knit with 1 skein of a laceweight yarn, it combines stripes of twisted stockinette with simple, syncopated open mesh panels.

april birthstone knits

Banquet Sweater

Sometimes it’s not just what you wear, but how you wear it. Take a simple sweater with a simple diamond motif, and pair it with some power paillettes for maximum party punch. The asymmetrical neckline uses short-rows for a diamond-enhanced neckline with off-kilter appeal.

april birthstone knits

Beaufort Pullover

Fresh from the latest issue of knit.wear, Mary Anne Benedetto’s sweater is another simple knit. Twisted rib and delicate cables create diamond bracelets at the wrists, and the diamond-paneled ribbing provides gentle waist shaping. Knit in Woolfolk’s delicious Sno, it feels as snuggly as cashmere.

Finally, if you prefer a more literal interpretation of diamonds, there is always the addi-ART ‘Diamond’ knitting needle.

Who says diamonds can’t be a knitter’s best friend?


Header Image Photo Credit: MirageC/Getty Images

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