Announcing The Poetry Winners!

Imagine hundreds of photos of magnetic poems. Poems of all shapes and sizes and lengths; poems arranged on refrigerators, poems arranged on table tops, poems arranged on knitted scarves, poems arranged on piles of yarn.

Imagine several Interweave judges, each with their own favorites. There were spirited discussions. There was spirited waving about of printed out poetry. There was spirited reading aloud of one's favorites in order to drown out the voices of the other judges.

Yeah, baby. Whoever said poetry was for the meek and mild has never judged a poetry contest.

We finally came up with our three top prize winners, and here they are!

First Prize
First Prize: Angela Lane!

All of the poems would win fame and glory, but in the end, only one poem would be immortalized in a mitten pattern for all to see. And that mitten-worthy poem–our First Prize Winner–is by Angela Lane of Vidalia, Georgia! Her poem was a hauntingly rhythmic refrain, one that could easily be the Knitter's Mantra.

Angela's poem is being worked into a custom knitting chart for a new set of Poetry Mittens; we will have one of our knitters here knit up the mittens and send them to her as soon as they are done. The pattern will be available for sale in the Knitting Daily store as soon as all that is done.

Second Prize: Staci Perry

Second Prize goes to…Staci Perry of Austin, Texas. Staci's poem was a lovely, succinct, rhythmic poem that spoke to our hearts and our shared passion for the craft.


Third Prize: Denise Lotter

On to our Third Place Winner! This poem, by Denise Lotter of Anaheim Hills, California, is the best of the many haiku we received.

Fourth Prize: Debra Warstler (Best Presentation)

The judging was pretty heated, even when we had narrowed it down to just a few. In order to appease certain, uh, factions (namely, the person who kept ending every sentence with "But the SHEEP poem, that one is soo cute that it has to win something. C'mon, folks: the SHEEP poem!!") we added a fourth prize winner in a special category: Presentation.

And Fourth Prize, the prize for Best Presentation, went to the prettiest-to-look-at-poem, which is entitled "Sheep" and is by Debra Warstler of Canton, Ohio.

Congratulations to Angela, Staci, Debra and Denise! You should be very proud of yourself, considering how tough the competition was. And thank you to all the poets who participated, making this such a fun contest to judge!

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