An Amazing Sock Knitting Pattern

Have you ever lost yourself in an M. C. Escher print, focusing back and forth on one color, and then another?

I've done this many times—I'm a big fan of Escher's—to the point where I lose focus on one of the repeated images and I have to concentrate to find the lost subject. I can stare at one of Escher's pictures for a very long time!

Escher was part of an art movement called op art, or optical art. The op-art movement gained recognition in 1964, with artist Victor Vasarely leading the way. M. C. Escher is perhaps the best known op-art artist, but there are many amazing artists who were part of this movement. Optical illusion is the hallmark of op-art pieces; objects sometimes seem to move, so talented were the artists of this genre.

Designer Stephanie Van Der Linden has brought the world of op art into sock knitting with her fabulous new book, Op-Art Socks. She's pulled together an amazing group of sock patterns, all based on designs from the op-art movement.

Of course, there's a design in Escher's honor, the Maurits Socks, shown below.

The Maurits Socks by Stephanie Van Der Linden, from Op-Art Socks

Here's what Stephanie has to say about these fantastic socks:

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898–1972) was a great master of tessellation—geometric forms or figures in contrasting colors that fit together in repetitive patterns. Escher described his symmetrical designs and planar tessellations as congruent, convex polygons joined together.

Brick or tile floors or walls are the most common and simplest examples of tessellations. In op-art designs, these forms trick the eye into focusing back and forth between the images created by the two contrasting colors.

The Maurits Socks feature simple lizard forms in brown and yellow. Choose colors with even more contrast for a more striking optical effect.

—Stephanie Van Der Linden, from Op-Ed Socks

Mauritz is an amazing sock knitting pattern, and the rest of Stephanie's designs are simply stunning, too. They're complex, but not all of the patterns in the book are difficult, so don't be scared to try them!

Order your copy of Op-Art Socks today!


P.S. Are you a fan of op-art? What do you think of the Maurits socks?

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