An All-American County Fair

A note from Kathleen: Knitter extraordinaire and customer service representative Anna-Liza Armfield and her knitting group recently took the Boulder (Colorado) County Fair by storm, and she's here to tell us about it. Welcome, Anna-Liza!

Adventures at the Fair
by Anna-Liza Armfield

Last year, my friend, Simone, went to the Boulder County Fair, and was disappointed with how few entries there were in the knitting category. She started an understated campaign to get more people to enter. As a result, four of our knitting group, the (Mostly) Harmless Knitters [(M)HKs for short], entered the 2010 Boulder County Fair.

All of us won something.

Marlene (below) won a 3rd place ribbon in items taking more than 45 hours to knit and a 2nd place ribbon in lace knitting. Yes, those items she's pointing at are her prize-winners. (The turquoise-and-brown shawl behind her is my 2nd-place-winning entry, and the green pullover at the top is my 3rd-place winner).

Simone (below) won 3rd place in items taking more than 45 hours to knit with this baby blanket.

Samantha (below) won 2nd place in hats, 1st place in items taking more than 45 hours to knit (the hoodie you see there), and also was awarded the Champion ribbon in knitting for the hoodie. She was also awarded 1st and 2nd place ribbons and the Championship in baking. The (M)HKs voted her our Domestic Goddess for 2010 … and, most likely, in perpetuity.

I won 2nd place in lace knitting (tying Marlene) and both 3rd and 1st place in shaped knitting. That last category included socks and a pullover, so I guess "shaped knitting" is a reasonable title. That's me with my first-place socks, below.

The (M)HKs are quite diverse. Samantha is from South Africa, Marlene is from Canada, and Simone is from Australia. Samantha and Marlene had been sworn in as US citizens shortly before the County Fair awards were announced, and Simone was sworn in on Wednesday! I am the only native-born citizen among the four, and my mother is from the Philippines. (Other (M)HKs are native-born citizens, just not in the group that entered the Fair).

After we found out about the awards, Marlene said, "I feel so American!"

(Mostly) Harmless Knitters ROCK! Now, we'll just have to see what we can do next year!

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