An Affair for Three Seasons: The Knitted Jacket

Last weekend I went to camp. The event was called Wild Women's Weekend and it was held at a YMCA camp that I went to as a child. It was so much fun to go again as a "big kid"!

Three of my knitting friends went along, too, and even though there were a bunch of activities on the schedule, we sat our butts on the dock and knitted for hours in the sun. It was in the 80s—beautiful weather for late September! The evenings were chilly, though, and all four of us knitters packed a knitted sweater or jacket for the nippy nights.

I was recently going through my closet, switching out summer and winter clothes, and I was mourning a bit because I have so many knitted jackets that I wore all fall and winter when I lived in Seattle. The mild weather there allowed me to wear my favorite knitted jackets to work almost every day from mid-fall to early spring. And since it was Seattle, I'd just throw on a light raincoat overtop as needed and run out the door.

Now, not only am I working from my home office (work clothes = sweats and slippers!), but it'll be COLD and snowy soon. Time for a big girl coat (and boots and mittens and scarves and hats. . .). I'll wear my hand-knit scarves and mittens all the time, but wearing my knitted jackets as outerwear will be delegated to the fall and early spring.

Just because I can't wear my jackets as much as I want to anymore, I'm not going to stop knitting them! I'm adding Three Sisters to the queue ASAP. It's from Knitted Jackets by Cheryl Oberle.

This book is full of wonderful jacket patterns; it's hard to choose just one. Three Sisters appeals to me because I love the "three sisters" in the jacket: garter stitch, stockinette stitch, cable pattern. It's elegant in its simplicity.

And I appreciate the name of the piece, too: Even though I only have one sister, Liz, she's going to want this jacket before it's even close to being off the needles. (Every time I start a project Liz says, "That's going to look GREAT on me!")

Below are three of my favorite knitted jackets, modeled by my mom and my sister. (The Central Park Hoodie is soon to join this club because I'm making it a bit bigger and longer so I can wear it as a jacket this fall.)

The Brown Jacket: This jacket
is my favorite. I knit it a couple years
ago out of a variety of yarns. It's got
some silk, some merino, and some
nylon, all coming together to make a
soft, cozy, warm fabric. (That's my
mom amongst the roses.)
The Silk Garden Jacket: I knit this
about five years ago, and I wear it
all the time: a testament to the
durability of Noro Silk Garden! 
I also call this sweater the
"ton of buttons sweater." (That's
sister Liz modeling.)
The Big Button Jacket: This one is a
favorite among the knitted jacket fans.
I love wearing short -sleeved items
over long sleeved tee shirts, and this
sweater is perfect for that. (My sister
is such a trooper, modeling for me
on command!)

Have you knitted any jackets? Share some of your favorites with us in the forums!




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