Amy's Bristlecone Pullover, or a Cautionary Tale of Snowy Photographs

I finished my Bristlecone Pullover, designed by Allyson Dykhuizen for Knitscene Winter 2013, over the holiday weekend. And then today, it's all snowy and crazy cold, so of course it's a good day to wear a very warm stranded colorwork sweater. 

I dragged Louisa out in the snow to take photos, and in the process of standing in the nice white snow, I had a brilliant idea.

"Louisa!" I exclaimed. "I should toss some snow up in the air, it would make a cool picture."

"You want to throw snow at me?!" she cried.

I explained. "No, I just want to throw it UP in the air between us. Like a veil of pretty snow falling!"

"Oh, that would be nice," she said. "Too bad we don't have a piece of cardboard to shovel and throw the snow, so you don't have to get your hands cold."

I looked to my left, where our cardboard recycling bins stood. "Oh but we do!"

 I rescued a cardboard box from imminent doom, and scooped up a little bit of snow on the lip of the edge. Picking up the snow-laden cardboard, I said to Louisa, "Stand back! I'm going to throw this straight up in the air!"

And I did, so I thought.

Any of you who are more physics-minded than I am knows where this is going. It's really, really, really difficult to throw things straight up in the air, especially if you're using an implement to do so. 

Poor Louisa was utterly doused by snow. And lovely, trusting girl-behind-the-camera that she is, she didn't quite realize what she was in for until it landed directly on her and down her neck. 

I, of course, was appropriately abashed and apologetic.

And didn't laugh at all. 

Knitting a sweater in an amazing houndstooth pattern? A few weeks of knitting time. Accidentally throwing snow on a friend while trying to not do so? Priceless.

The Brown Sheep Yarn Company Nature Spun Worsted that is used to knit this sweater is so toasty warm and absolutely perfect for knitting colorwork. I really didn't feel the cold at all while we were outside—and temperatures are in the single digits today. I piled on a few more handknits after our photo session but before our walk to the post office…

…the entirety of which I was profusely apologizing to Louisa for the snow dumping.

Be careful with your photographers, friends, and happy knitting.

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