Your new best friend is here!

Have you ever seen a knitted toy and just melted with the cuteness? This is the second time for me.

The first time was when I saw Louise Crowther’s My Knitted Doll, and now she’s back with an adorable collection of knitted animals—Knitted Animal Friends. Seriously adorbs.

Louise has designed 13 knitted animals, each with its own personality and style. Check out Archie the Squirrel and Louis the Owl, below. Archie is so dapper with his vest and tie, and Louis is ready for a sail in his pea coat and Aran sweater.

knitted toy

Archie the Squirrel and Louis the Owl

One thing I love about Louise’s books is that all of her dolls or animals are the same size, so you can knit them a whole wardrobe! The outfits are what make these little darlings come alive. Even their shoes are knitted separately! Oh, the possibilities . . .

Here’s Maisie the Pig. She’s enveloped in lace, from her cardigan to her dress to her little Mary Janes. Love.

knitted toy

Maisie the Pig

To celebrate the release of Knitted Animal Friends, we’re offering you a free pattern, the Sweatpea Pinafore Dress. Wouldn’t it look cute on Maisie? Or even Louis! He could easily be Louise, right? It’s the clothes that give these precious knitted toys their personalities, so go crazy!

Download the Sweetpea Pinafore now, and then get your copy of Knitted Animal Friends and start knitting up some new best friends!





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  1. Betty Jean W at 7:34 am April 29, 2019

    Kathleen, I have to agree — these are just precious! I’m in love with the fox, and, of course, the bunny (maybe not a good pair together?)! I really appreciate that the outfits are all inter-changeable with the different animals; that’s a really nice feature. I’m betting a lot of grandmas are going to be making these.

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