5 Things We LOVE About this Knitted Poncho Pattern!

The Amalfi Poncho is a favorite project from knitscene Fall 2013. It’s a fun and easy knit, perfect for weekends filled with knitflixing. We’ve updated the yarn for this pattern, giving the poncho a bit of a face lift, and made it available as a kit so you can knit this up with just one click (followed by thousands of other “clicks”). Take a look at our list of why we love the Amalfi Poncho, and get yours today!

knitted poncho pattern

The original Amalfi Poncho, published in knitscene Fall 2013. Photo by Harper Point Photography.

1. The fun chevron pattern

The poncho pattern begins with a set of knitted triangles, which you connect by knitting one row continuously across them, one after another. Then, an increase/decrease row used throughout the entire project makes the chevron zigzags happen. It’s a very easily memorizable pattern, perfect for mindless knitting while you watch a show or listen to a podcast.

knitted poncho pattern

Our updated version of the Amalfi Poncho, with Plymouth Gina self-striping yarn. Photos by Harper Point Photography.

2. The self-striping yarn

We’ve updated this pattern with Plymouth Gina, a self-striping, worsted-weight wool yarn in vibrant colors. There are actually two different colorways here, both self-striping, which you can see turns out to be A LOT of colors. This yarn makes a statement!

3. The total ease of it all

I know I’ve mentioned this a couple times already, but this project is mostly mindless, and totally enjoyable! It’s one of those projects you find yourself having a hard time putting down, even after hours. The “Just one more row!” problem is real.

knitted poncho pattern

4. The size!

For some reason, I wasn’t expecting this poncho to be as big as it is. But when I blocked it out, I had to do so on a beach towel! This isn’t the fastest project to finish because of that, but you’ll move along pretty smoothly because of the ease.

5. How easy it is to get the yarn

You can get 14 skeins of Plymouth Gina self-striping yarn for the Amalfi Poncho right now! The kit includes a digital pattern download, so don’t forget to check your email inbox for that.

When are you going to start your Amalfi Poncho?! Join the others on Ravelry who have knitted this project, and upload your photos of your finished project so we can see! If you post any photos on social media, use the hashtag #amalfiponcho and #knitscene and we’ll keep a lookout for some great looking projects!

(Pssst . . . your photo could end up in an issue of knitscene!)

knitted poncho pattern

Happy poncho knitting!

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