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Last Friday, I got together with Michele Riggs of DownTown Knits in Apex, North Carolina, to host a release party for the new issue of Knitscene. I was a little shocked when I walked in at 6:30 and the shop was already packed. I couldn’t even find Michele in the yarny melee! But then I saw her, running the cash register at top speed behind a wall of smiling ladies. The magazine sold out, people were knitting, eating, petting yarn, trying on sweaters. It was a great night.

Lisa and Michele

Before the party, I sent Michele some of the garments from the issue. On Friday, she had them displayed throughout the store— the real stars of the night. I noticed three projects in particular seemed to be popular with these North Carolina knitters—the Magnanimity Cardi, the Paperboy Cardigan, and the Chiton Pullover. Olive and pale sky blue…a lovely complement for winter’s transition to spring.

I also met spinner Esther Rodgers, proprietor of Jazzturtle Yarns. Her cool art yarn was featured in the Winter/Spring issue, followed up by Amy’s blog post about knitting with art yarn. Friday, Esther’s wares were artfully arranged around the shop, eliciting oo’s and wow’s in every corner.

You know, I don’t get to meet with my readers very often. Online mostly, and that’s a different kind of connection. To hang out for a couple hours with with fans of the magazine, some of them brand new fans because they’d never heard of Knitscene, and see what they liked, what they questioned, was a valuable experience for me as editor. Seeing the samples and the yarns in the shop environment gave me a different appreciation for design, different from the feelings I have about design on the pages of the mag.

This is a good perspective to have as I settle into work on the Summer issue. It’s not just about making pretty pages here, we’re elevating our craft through the power of good design, and that has consequences in real life. And in yarn shops everywhere.

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PS. For those interested in Chile’s dog sweater pattern, I'm having someone else look over the instructions now. Pattern to come!

Thanks to Michele, Esther, Robin, and Laurie for taking pics.

Chiton Pullover



Jazzturtle Yarns

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