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The Beauty of Allover Lace Tops

Three allover lace garments: a sweater, a puffy-sleeved top, and a high-neck halter.

There’s something enchanting about allover lace. A lace motif here and there is intriguing, but a shawl or garment that uses lace on every square inch of fabric presents both a challenge for the knitter and a stunning garment to be worn later. The airy lightness of allover lace designs often makes them look (to me, at least) like something that’s fallen out of a fairytale.

While allover lace shawls are stunning, I’m particularly drawn to tops that use allover lace. For our celebration of lace this month, I wanted to bring you five of my favorites. Some of these are recent patterns from Interweave, while others are old favorites. And I may have even included a sneak peek from our Summer issue for you!

Sneak peek, anyone? GIF via GIPHY

Without further ado, please enjoy some of my favorite allover lace tops from Interweave.

The Hopeful Romantic Top by Kate Scalzo. Photo by Molly Stevenson.

Hopeful Romantic Top

The Hopeful Romantic Top certainly earns its name. Originally published in Interweave Knits Spring 2021, this top uses a combination of different lace motifs and delicate twisted-stitch cables combined with unusual construction for a truly dreamy top. The top is worked in four separate pieces before being seamed. A charming button closure at the back neck adds an additional romantic detail.

The Vernal Awakening Pullover by Lana Jois. Photo by Molly Stevenson.

Vernal Awakening Pullover

Also from Interweave Knits Spring 2021 is the lovely Vernal Awakening Pullover by designer Lana Jois. This airy pullover is worked in the round from the bottom up starting with a simple lacy rib pattern that blossoms into a leaf-inspired lace motif. The Merino- and linen-blend yarn gives the sweater both warmth and breathability.

The Jet Stream Cardigan by Donna Estin. Photo by Harper Point Photography.

Jet Stream Cardigan

An allover geometric lace design is coupled with a modern silhouette to create the Jet Stream Cardigan by designer Donna Estin. Originally published in knitscene Spring 2019, this drapey cardigan is worked back and forth in one piece to the underarm, then the upper fronts and back are worked separately. Sleeves are worked flat from the bottom up and seamed, and a button is added at the neckline for a subtle closure.

The Peace Lily Blouse by Jennifer Miller Comstock. Photo by Caleb Dane Young.

Peace Lily Blouse

Originally published in Interweave Knits Summer 2020, the Peace Lily Blouse by designer Jennifer Miller Comstock combines allover lace with an elegant, cropped silhouette to create a summer wardrobe staple. A simple garter-stitch floral lace pattern is used for the front and back, while a feathery lace pattern creates voluminous sleeves. This gorgeous top is worked modularly to minimize finishing.

The Midsummer Aran by Ginevra Martin. Photo by Joe Hancock.

Midsummer Aran

The Midsummer Aran by designer Ginevra Martin uses lace motifs where you might normally find cables to create an updated classic. Originally published in Interweave Knits Summer 2013, this sweater has a riot of lacework on the front, while the back features simple mesh columns that echo the mesh-patterned sleeves. This stunning pullover is worked in the round from the bottom up before dividing for the v-neck and working back and forth. A cotton/cashmere/hemp blend yarn makes this especially fun to knit.

There you have it: five of my favorite allover lace tops from Interweave. But before I completely sign off, though, I have a small sneak peek for you. Our Summer 2021 issue of Interweave Knits is coming out next week, and I’m so excited for you to see what it has in store. Here’s a little look to whet your appetite:

Coming soon in Interweave Knits Summer 2021 | Photo by Molly Stevenson

I hope your summer is filled with beautiful, delicate knitting. What are your favorite allover lace patterns? Let us know in the comments, and as always,

Happy (Lace!) Knitting,

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