All the Rage: Ombré Yarns

If you are on Pinterest, or social media in general, you’ve probably noticed that people are really excited about all things ombré. You can get your hair colored ombré style, and it’s pretty funky-cool. Knitters and yarn companies have jumped on the bandwagon and ombré style gradient yarns are a huge hit right now. What makes ombré yarns so awesome?

First of all, they are just super pretty. You can get many gorgeous colors and tones in one skein of yarn, which is exciting! I love the colorways that look like a sunset in the knitted fabric. It’s also a great way to do color knitting with none of the work of color knitting. Just knit away and the color of the working yarn shifts and changes, creating an effortlessly beautiful and interesting fabric.

As wonderful as these yarns are, they do require a little planning and forethought. Sometimes, depending on your yarn and pattern and how you are using them together, the fabric may not come out looking exactly as you expected. It can also be tricky to move on to the next skein if it starts with a different color from the one that just finished. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid these problems and get the best out of your gradient yarn.

Tina Whitmore is the owner of Freia Handpaint Yarns, a yarn company with a fine selection of ombré gradient yarns. She has a vast wealth of knowledge on how to use these yarns most effectively, and she teamed up with Interweave video team to produce a fantastic hour-long video called Knitting with Ombré and Gradient Yarns: Tips and Tricks for the Best Results. In the video, Tina explains choosing yarns, color placement and dominance, considering what stitches you are using, and so much more. The video also features a super gorgeous shawl, with a pattern! I absolutely love the bit of green contrast at the bottom peeking out.

Tina’s video is available as a DVD or as video download. The best part, in my personal opinion, is that it’s also available in a kit along with the Freia yarn to knit the shawl.  I love the blending of the different colorways to create this colorful shawl. It’s a simple knit—mostly stockinette with some purl ridges—but the color changes gives it an interesting complexity.

So if you are getting an itch to get on the ombré train, but you’re not sure exactly where to start, Tina’s video and shawl project are a fantastic place to start. Just an hour of your time can help make you an expert in gradient yarns!

Happy ombré knitting,
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