All Hail the Snood!

"Snood" sounds like a Dr. Seuss creature, doesn't it? The snood has been around for quite a while—remember those hairnet type things in the 40s? They were the quintessential woman's look of the era, and when I see a photo of one or someone wearing one in a movie, that era is evoked perfectly. Today's snood is something altogether different—no hairnet involved!—it's really a garment that is part scarf, part hood, part scarf.

Even though the media is calling this accessory a snood, I think it's really better named an infinity scarf—no beginning or end—and you can wear it an infinite number of ways: as a hood, scarf, or shawl.

In our Tuned in to Knitting Daily TV blog, we recently welcomed Adina Klein, creative director for Tahki Stacy Charles and former editor in chief of knit.1 and Vogue Knitting magazines. She had this to say about the snood: "The fashion industry is touting the snood (a cross between a scarf and a hood) and the infinity scarf, or moebius, as the hot new accessories for winter 2009. Featured this week in the Wall Street Journal and last week on Oprah, these fashion scarves are hitting the mainstream and mass-market retail. But there's no need to tell knitters how fantastic they are—we have long been cultists of the moebius (a rectangle that has been twisted 180 degrees) as an easy and versatile project that is inherently reversible."

I took a stroll through our pattern store, and here's what popped out at me "snood-wise":

  Mossy Cowl  Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf   
Lacy Kerchief Scarf   Mossy Cowl   Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf
Lisa Daehlin   Katie Himmelberg    Anne Kuo Lukito  

The Lacy Kerchief Scarf can be worn as a shawl, a scarf, or as a kerchief. To get the kerchief look, simply drape the widest part of the piece over your head, with the lace edge at the back, and then cross the ends at your neck and toss them over your shoulders. Very Doris Day. The Mossy Cowl is an easy crochet project, and it's a free pattern, too! You can wear it as a cowl, or pull it up over your head for for a hood look. The Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf is a lovely hood-scarf combo that's perfect for this time of year!

Twilight Lace   Nomad Hat and Scarf Candy Stripes Kerchief   
Twilight Lace   Nomad Hat and Scarf   Candy Stripes Kerchief
Laura Wallins   Kat Coyle   Kat Coyle  

Twilight Lace is a stunning scarf/wrap/hood that you can dress up or down. I think it's really gorgeous in the white silk-mohair blend shown in the photo. Perfect for holiday wear! The cozy Nomad Hat and Scarf is a wonderful combo that's interesting to knit and will keep the wearer warm and stylish all winter. Candy Stripes Kerchief is one of those simple patterns that's endlessly versatile: it knits up so quickly, and you can use any color combo. Silver-gray and white anyone? This one would look look like a million bucks with a little sparkle, too.

A Free Moebius Pattern

Today we give you a new take on the moebius with the Endless Love moebius, knit in a lovely lace pattern that's simple enough for even beginners to knit.

The Endless Love moebius is knit on a size 8 US circular needle. Just like everlasting love, this moebius has no end and no beginning.

This is a two-skein pattern (you'll need about 325 yards of a worsted weight yarn, like the new Tahki Stacy Charles yarn Dove).

Here's a video demo of Adina making the Endless Love moebius in Episode 303 of Knitting Daily TV:

If you're working on a moebius, infinity scarf, or snood, share a photo in the reader gallery!




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